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What do anthropologists study?
What is another way to say Paleolithic age?
Humans and oter creatures that walk upright are classified as
what lasted from about 2.5 million to 3000B.C.
Homo erectus means
What does a paleontologist study?
What is another way to say Neolithic age?
What is peoples unique way of life?
In 1964 Johanson's archeologist team found a complete skeleton of an adult female hominidand named her
What did early hominids develop around 3.5 million years ago?
what were homo erectus first to discover, may have helped them to settle?
What does an Archeologist do?
homo sapiens means
What human-like beings' foot prints were preserved in volcanic ash?
When did people learn to polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, and rais animals?
Homo habilis means
What did scientists traditionaly classify as Cro- Magnon until they found that they were not ancestors of humans
what do we find on cave walls dating back to about 35000 years ago, possibly even a religious practice?
Why might have Cro-Magnons population grown at a faster rate that the Neandrathals?
What group of Prehistoric humans were about 40,000 years ago, generally 5 and ahalf feet tall?

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