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Can you name the Downton Abbey Characters with Trivia?

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Forced Order
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The Earl of Grantham
His American Wife
The Eldest Daughter
The Middle Daughter
The Youngest Daughter
The Grandiose Grandmother
The Meddling Aunt
The Newly Found Heir
His Industrious Mother
The Heir's Meek Fiance
The Eldest Daughter's Mean Fiance
The Good, Old Butler
The Kind-Hearted Housekeeper
The Lame Valet
The Scheming Lady's Maid
The Villainous Footman
The Sweet Footman
The Sweet Head Housemaid
The Aspiring Housemaid
The Flirtacious Housemaid
The Boisterous Cook
The Naive Scullery Maid
The Revolutionary Chauffeur
The Valet and Butler of Crawley House
The Cook of Crawley House
The Doctor of Crawley Hospital
The Disturbed Valet
The Short-Lived Housemaid
The Valet's Nasty Estranged Wife
The American Grandmother
The Giant Footman
The Extremely Dashing Footman
The Pretty New Scullery Maid

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