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Family owns a talking dog
Girl joins popular sketch show
Teenage boy plays guitar for metal band
Best friends have time-travel abilities
Singer and songwriter work together
Actress's twin sister is a basketball player
Two boys work at superhero hospital
Family welcomes new baby
Boy discovers bionic teenagers
Teenage girl has an cartoon alter-ego
Twin boys live in a hotel
Brother and sister are rivals to each other
Twin brothers move to tropical island
Two best friends are skateboarders
Texas woman nannies four rich kids
Twin boys from hotel move to a cruise ship
90's sitcom couple's daughter grows up
Kids practice karate
Sketch show is defictionalized
Gifted students are skipped to high school
Rich kids go to summer camp
Crazy events are told in flashbacks
Two best friends are back-up dancers
Three brothers are part of a world famous band
Boy's puppet comes to life
Teenage girl has psychic powers
Psychic girl's brother moves into the White House
New York family has magical powers
Teenage girl is secretly a spy
Teenage girl lives a secret life as a pop singer
Teenage boy is a pro video gamer

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