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The band's drummer made up this word that he wrote on his high school notebooksA similar name to a Sinclair Lewis novel
Two members of the band's last names were combined with a popular trucker magazine
This band's name was chosen so people would know that they are a surf-rock band
Named after two childhood friends, Bill Goode and Bill GatesNot THAT Bill Gates!
The name of a photo of a naked girl that was to be their first album's cover
A combination of a recipe that the band's manager read in a book and the band's fascination with the occult.
The band's blonde lead singer got her nickname from a motorcycle driver
Named himself after a famous knife to avoid confusion with Davy Jones from the Monkees
A Memphis, Tennessee group called The DeVilles were in need of a name change. One band member suggested, 'Let's have a contest and everybody can send in 50 cents and a box top.'
When Johnny Maestro (former lead singer of the Crests) put together an 11-piece band, his managers complained that it would be easier to sell the Brooklyn Bridge than to promote su
The band took their name from a brand of heavy asphalt roller that they saw parked on the street.
Around 1964, a Los Angeles group called Bobby and the Classics brought in a new lead singer named Frankie Garcia who had earned the nickname 'Cannibal' after he had bitten someone
Taken from a newspaper headline describing 'A Clash With Police'
The band took its name from a 1952 movie about a scientist who wore a jet pack to battle a madman.
Originally called The Golliwogs, unconfirmed reports say the band took their new name from Norvel Creedence, a friend of band leader John Fogerty. John's favorite beer was called C
Inspired by a drawing Joe Elliot made of a leopard with no ears
John Henry Deutschendorf adopted his stage surname in tribute to the Rocky Mountain area he so cherished.
The band took their name from the title of a book by Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception, which was in turn borrowed from a line in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, a poem by th
obert Zimmerman was a big fan of poet Dylan Thomas.
Named after the Eddystone Lighthouse, a lighthouse off the coast of Cornwall, England.
This band adapted the proper name of A.A. Milne's character, Winnie The Pooh.
This band named themselves after an underground magazine they discovered while in Chicago on a blues club tour. The magazine preached anarchy in the USA and what basically amounted
They took their name from All The Fine Young Cannibals, a 1960 film loosely based on the life of trumpeter Chet Baker.

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