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Forced Order
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_____ was spiteful.
The object that opened when Beloved was seducing Paul D
Saves Denver's life in the woodshed
The daughter of a woman who was branded and hung
Shape the scars on Sethe's back took
Takes charge of Sweet Home once Mr. Garner dies
Ghost of Sethe's murdered daughter
Helped deliver Sethe's child
The color symbolized in many ways throughout the book
Halle bought her freedom
Sethe's daughter named after Amy
Taken away from Sethe in the barn on the plantation
Has relations with the '30-mile woman'
Group that escaped prison in Georgia
Denver's teacher
Had a sexual encounter with Beloved
Watched Sethe being raped from the balcony in the barn
Place where Baby Suggs held religious gatherings
What Halle rubbed all over his face after seeing Sethe being raped
Where Miss Bodwin wants to send Denver
What Paul D was told to follow when travelling north
Item on Miss Bodwins table that upsets Denver
Where Denver often goes to find peace
What Denver loses temporarily
Where Denver was born
What makes Sethe realize Beloved is her daughter
Facial feature that Paul D denies is Sethe's in the newspaper
The city where Baby Suggs' home is located
The name of Mr. Garner's plantation
What Sethe learns to make from Mrs. Garner
What Sethe asks Mrs. Garner to arrange

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