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Guild/AffliationAnswerMagic Type
Fairy TailFire Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailAera
Fairy TailCelestial
Fairy TailIce Make/Ice Devil Slayer
Fairy TailRequip: The Knight
Fairy TailTakeover: Satan Soul
Fairy TailTakeover: Beast Soul
Fairy TailTakeover: Animal Soul
Fairy TailTitan
Fairy TailLightning Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailDark Ecriture/Jutsu Shiki
Fairy TailSieth
Fairy TailFairy
Fairy TailCard
Fairy TailSolid Script
Fairy TailHigh Speed
Fairy TailPlant
Fairy TailSmoke
Fairy TailPurple Flare
Fairy TailRainbow Fire
Fairy TailGuns
Fairy TailRequip: The Gunner
Fairy TailN/A
Fairy TailPict
Fairy TailSand
Fairy TailSieth
Fairy TailTelepathy
Fairy TailDance
Fairy TailWood Make
Fairy TailWater
Fairy TailUnknown
Fairy TailIron Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailAera
Fairy TailSky Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailAera
Fairy TailCrash
Fairy TailMagic Staves
Fairy Tail/Magic CouncilMemory Control/Direct Line
Fairy TailMedial Expert
Fairy TailIllusion
Fairy Tail (Former)Lightning
Fairy Tail (Former)Green
Fairy Tail (Former)Unknown
Phantom LordDarkness
Phantom LordAirspace
Phantom LordEarth
Phantom LordRainbow Fire
Blue PegasusPhasing
Blue PegasusPerfume
Blue PegasusArchive
Blue PegasusSnow
Blue PegasusAir
Blue PegasusTakeover: Machina Soul
Blue PegasusAera
Blue Pegasus (former)Celestial
Lamia ScaleSpinning
Lamia ScaleIce Make
Lamia ScaleMarionette
Lamia ScaleWave
Lamia ScaleNails Growing
Lamia ScaleEarth
Lamia ScaleSky God Slayer
SabertoothWhite Dragon Slayer
SabertoothShadow Dragon Slayer
SabertoothMemory Make
SabertoothLightning God Slayer
SabertoothRainbow Beam
Sabertooth (Former)Blast
Quatro CerberusUnknown
Quatro CerberusPalm
Guild/AffliationAnswerMagic Type
Quatro CerberusTear
Quatro CerberusFlytap
Quatro CerberusSpinning
Quatro CerberusDrill Rock
Quatro CerberusUnknown
Mermaid HeelArchenemy/Gravity Change
Mermaid HeelVegetable
Mermaid HeelThread
Mermaid HeelGravity Change
Mermaid HeelBinding
Oración SeisDarkness
Oración SeisSlot Machine
Oración Seis (Reborn)/EisenwaldStorm
Oración Seis (Reborn)/ZentopiaTelekinesis
Oración Seis (Reborn)Transformation
Crime SorcièreHeavenly Body Magic
Crime SorcièreArc of Time/Ice Make
Crime SorcièreMaguilty Sense
Crime SorcièrePoison Dragon Slayer
Crime SorcièreAngel/Celestial
Crime SorcièreSlowing
Crime SorcièreReflector/Illusion
Crime SorcièreEarth
Crime SorcièreArc of Embodiment
Grimoire Heart/ Fairy Tail (Former)Amaterasu/Chain/Bullet
Grimoire HeartGreat Tree Arc
Grimoire HeartUshi no Koku Mairi
Grimoire HeartFire God Slayer
Grimoire HeartHuman Subordination
Grimoire HeartOriental Solid Script
Grimoire HeartEgg
Legion CorpsMagic Nullification
Legion CorpsRicochet/Habaraki
Legion CorpsAera
Legion CorpsAthletic
Legion CorpsDog Whistle
Legion CorpsCommand
Legion CorpsRapture
Magic CouncilVampire
Magic CouncilBeast Transformation
Magic CouncilFlattening
Magic CouncilThought Projection
Magic CouncilJutsu Shiki
Magic Council/TartarosSuper Archive
Garou KnightsScythes
Garou KnightsFlower
Garou KnightsPaper
Garou KnightsAcid
Garou KnightsTerrain Effect
Sylph LabyrinthType 74 Long-Range Rifle
Sylph LabyrinthStronger
Sylph LabyrinthChain Blade
TartarosCurse of Thorns
TartarosIce Devil Slayer
TartarosCurse of Sensations
TartarosCurse of Bombs
TartarosCurse of Tempests
TartarosCurse of Absorption
TartarosTenchi Kaimei
TartarosTenga Goken
TartarosSlippery Curse
AvatarSacrificial Summoning
AvatarDark Sword
AvatarUshi no Koku Mairi
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveMagical Aptitude
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveIce
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveSpatial
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveSand
Guild/AffliationAnswerMagic Type
Alverez: Spriggan Twelve8 Dragon Slayer Magics
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveTakeover: God Soul/Age Seal
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveWeakness
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveHistoria of Corpses
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveStealth/Transport
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveWorld Reconstruction
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveUnknown
Alverez: Spriggan TwelveAll Curses
Alverez: Brandish SquadSpatial
Alverez: Eileen SquadThread Bands
Alverez: Eileen SquadGoo Creation
Alverez: Azir SquadUnknown
Alverez: Azir SquadUnknown
Death's Head CaucusSword Magic: Mugetsu Ryo
Death's Head CaucusGuitar
Death's Head CaucusJet
Raven TailShikigami
Raven TailMagic Absorption
Raven TailPufferfish
Raven TailHair
Raven TailMimicry
King of Edolas (Former)Dorma Anim
Princess of FioreUnknown
King of FioreN/A
Fiore KnightsUnknown
Succubus EyeRetrogression
Red LizardFire
Titan NoseCharm/RIng Magic
Orochi's FinGravity
Sorceror WeeklyN/A
Blue SkullDispel/Telekinesis
Giant RatN/A
AlverezAnhkseram Black Magic
NoneDragon Slayer
DragonFire Dragon
DragonFire Dragon
DragonSky Dragon
DragonIron Dragon
DragonWhite Dragon
DragonShadow Dragon
DragonJade Dragon
Celestial SpiritSword
Celestial SpiritRegulus
Celestial SpiritGiant Labrys
Celestial SpiritWater
Celestial SpiritSand
Celestial SpiritEarth
Celestial SpiritTwin Scissors
Celestial SpiritN/A
Celestial SpiritWool
Celestial SpiritCopy
Celestial SpiritBow and Arrow
Celestial SpiritWater
Celestial SpiritGravity
Celestial SpiritN/A
Celestial SpiritScanning/Telepathy
Celestial SpiritDefense
Celestial SpiritN/A
Celestial SpiritN/A
Celestial SpiritChisel
Celestial SpiritCompass
Celestial SpiritN/A
Celestial SpiritLightning

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