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QUIZ: Can you name the answers reffering to these events of 2011 in Germany?

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Germany, Portugal, India, Columbia and South Africa become non-permanent members of the ...01/01
Ten people are killed and 43 people are injured in a ... near Hordorf in the state of Saxony-Anhalt01/29
The Iranian movie 'Jodaeiye Nader az Simin' is awarded with the ... at the Berlin International Film Festival02/19
The Social Democratic Party (SPD) wins an absolute majority after winning 62 seats in the ... state election02/20
The University of Bayreuth decides to deprive then-Federal Minister of Defence ... of his doctor's degree02/23
Two United States Air Force soldiers get killed during a shooting at ...03/02
The former Federal Minister of the Interior ... becomes new Federal Minister of Defence03/03
Serbian literature is in the focus of attention of this year's ...03/16 - 03/20
The head of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) ... announces his resignation from office04/03
The President of Germany Christian Wulff opens the ... in Koblenz04/15
After defeating 1. FC Nürnberg with 2-0 ... becomes German football champion for the seventh time04/30
The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany declares that the practice of ... is violating the Basic Law (Grundgesetz)05/04
The German photographer, author, industrialist and 'playboy' ... commits suicide05/07
The 56th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in ...05/10 - 05/14
The Landtag of Baden-Württemberg elects ... as the first minister-president being a member of Alliance '90/The Greens05/12
FC Schalke 04 wins the ... for the fifth time after defeating MSV Duisburg with 5-0 in Berlin05/21
The county court of Mannheim decides that TV presenter ... is not guilty of rape05/31
The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment confirms that ... are the carriers for the E. coli O104:H4 bacteria causing an epidemic in Germany and Europe06/11
The Heidelberg University decides to deprive ... (Member of the European Parliament) of her doctor's degree06/15
The sixth FIFA Women's World Cup starts with the official opening game between Germany and Canada in ...06/26
The Bundestag decides to allow ... within narrow borders07/07
Lewis Hamilton wins the German Grand Prix on the ...07/24
After a testing period of ten month at Hamburg Airport the Federal Minister of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich decides not to use ... nationwide08/31
In the Berlin state election the ... won fifteen seats: the first time it had won election to a parliament anywhere in Germany09/18
... is visiting Berlin, Erfurt and Freiburg09/22 - 09/25
Patrick Makau wins the 38th ... setting a new world record09/25
The county court of Krefeld sentences Olaf H. to serve a life sentence in prison for murdering ten year old ... in 201009/29
The ... reveals that the computer surveillances performed by state authorities show serious security holes10/08
Chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of Russia Dmitri Medwedew open the ... pipeline in Lubmin11/08
Klaus Wowereit is re-elected as the ... of Berlin11/24
In a referendum in Baden-Württemberg 58.8 percent voted against a withdrawal from the transport project called ...11/27
Because of the disarming of an 1.8 ton aircraft bomb 45.000 residents of the city of ... are being evacuated12/04
The International Conference on .. starts in Bonn12/05
24-year-old biathlete and two-time Olympic gold medalist ... announces her retirement to the end of the season12/06
Gerhard Schindler becomes new president of the ... succeeding Ernst Uhrlau12/07

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