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LyricGuess the LyricNumber of Words
Redder than a cardinal, bluer than a dodger, blacker than a ninja. Itineraries, calenders, baby and _________1 word
Twenty four's on your car, you's a ________. If you known to buy the bar you's a _________, 1 word
Mama i'ma be like gucci when i grow up, move big weight so i got money to throw up. Pimp tight n***a dead fresh with a mink coat, lookin' for a ________________6 words
Who the f**k sell a thirty-one for that much money?1 word
Man, I love the trap, if my arms were big enough _____________5 words
I'm sorry that i cuss you, baby girl you gorgeous. Psyche you're not gorgeous ___________________5 words
Now i'm rich as a republican, stay flyer than a pelican. Now ridin' in my yellow benz with ___________________5 words
Shawty wanna suck my ding-a-ling-ling, gucci man la flare ___________________3 words
I keep that lean in that sprite so i need to get some _______________2 words
My flow is amazing, hottest in the nation. Ice game super stupid, but ____________________4 words
My car game is immaculate, attract 'em like a magnet. They say that i'ma ugly n***a, but my _______________3 words
I'm a work of art mane, i'll crush ya ice game. Ours our not alike mane, you need to rob a ________________2 words
Gucci man la flare i got out on a ___________It's a day
I'ma give the game up man after this trip, and buy a bent coup mane after this flip 'cause ___________2 words
The way my wrist glist'll make a hood b***h say damn, my necklace represent the fact ______________3 words
My pockets full of old big head white dudes, cause i get ________________6 words
Hell yeah i rob, hell yeah i steal, hell yeah i _______________________________4 words
Whole lotta purp, whole lotta green, Whole heap of white, _________________4 words
Put me in the freezer cause ________________3 words
Fat bank roll like i robbed ____________2 words
First name get some last name ___________1 word
I'm talkin' to the jury, but you talkin' ________________2 words
Jeezy couldn't make a hit with a ___________________2 words
Swag so stupid that i'm climbing up the pop charts. Cherry parked, the guts like the inside of a ____________. Good game gucci i got more game than a pool shark2 words
Watch is to die for, chain is to ___________2 words
LyricGuess the LyricNumber of Words
Call that pack that James Worthy, Zone 6 ____________, set my donk on ______________2 words
If you wanna rob gucci then that means you wanna die. Wanna shop with shawty lo? Tell me what you wanna buy. I'ma rapper slash trapper and my __________________3 words
It's gucci man the weirdo with brand new _____________1 word
I'm movin' kind of slow cause _______________ in my lemonade2 words
Gucci man's a g, tell me something i don't know. I got court in early mornin' but ________________5 or 6 words
A rich black man gotta have ________________3 words
Pants sag, sag low, lower than a lambo. Jumpin' out the lambo, bandana'd up like ____________1 word
Plug talk, n***a, the plug know what i'm speaking. And i'm a black man so i love _______________2 words
Put a seatbelt on it, ride ________1 word
Bracelet like i'm him, jacob sayin' who's he? Ring say what's up, chain sayin' ooh ee. Grill sayin' drug dealer, tats say _______________2 words
I know y'all think that i'm just rappin', i'm vacuum sealin' and _____________2 words
Shawty wanna snort it so i put it on a saucer, cut it with a blade then i _________________4 words
I put ice on anybody, i'll shoot dice with everybody, i put change on anybody _____________________4 words
What kinda king do the birthday bash in the middle of the summer in some f**kin' ____________________2 words
30 minutes gone, man i think i smoked a whole ounce. Not by myself, man i smoked it with ____________________3 words
Check my rap sheet, it's numerous felonies. I took twenty three stacks and bought _____________________3 words
Under arm kush, dawg, don't it smell ________________1 word
4 bedrooms with 4 bad kids, with a girl so pretty and an __________________3 words
We pull up to the club on some very tall rims. Everybody's bitch asking ___________________4 words
Yeahhhh i run the trap, i could buy big cat and ___________________5 words
My guala my partna, mota manana, gracias de nada, guap millions of dollars. Que pasa, amigo? Cocaine ____________________2 words
Bart simpson chain appraised at a clean 100, mighty mouse charm appraised at just bout 50. Diamonds shine like diddy's, ________________________5 words
Betcha tiger woods can't pull the hos that i pull, just give me __________________________________7 words
I'm a vet, not a rookie, can't go out like no pussy, can't let no n***a push me, i'll take a n***a's cookies. I heard you got a truck with a hundred pounds in it, so ______________10 words

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