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Forced Order
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8 consecutive months contain this letter, while 4 consecutive months do not
the highest class of an academic mark
In American English, this has a different name than most other dialects
depicts a safe landing area for a class of rotocraft
a type of turn often done illegally
the seventh note of the diatonic scale of C major
the roman numeral for 500
a human blood type, lacking both the A and B antigens
roughly half of all humans lack this chromosome
the only cardinal direction to abbreviate as a vowel
the pronounciation is identical to a five-letter word
when achieved perfection one has performed to one of these
the 8th last letter of the alphabet
a type of paddle stroke
the second last file on a chess board
the suffix required to form 'tear' into a past participle
commonly the first unknown quantity in an algebraic expression
the unicode character denoting a commonly used temperature scale in USA
the alphabetically last English one-letter word
every continent except africa has at least one country beginning with this letter
the roman numeral for 100
a Shimano bicycle braking system
the upper case can be constructed using the axes of quadrant I on a cartesian plane
potassium symbol
two dashes in morse code
the only letter requiring more than one syllable to pronounce

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