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Which is the other family member to have ran a marathon apart from Simon, Paul and Karim?
Who currently works in the civil service?
Who is the only family member to 'support' Tottenham Hotspur?
What is Kathy's favourite alcoholic drink?
Where abouts have the Kelly's got an apartment in Italy?
What is Jim Morrison's full name?
In terms of calendar dates, in which order are the O'Hare kids born?
What is Simon's middle name?
Which GAA team does Seamus support?
What is Jacqueline's surname?
What University did Fiona get her degree from?
What is Dannys mum called?
Which football team does Connor support?
What University did Ben attend and then drop out?
Where is Karim senior from?
On which computer game would you be likely to see the family competing against eachother?
Where does granny Kelly live?
What is the full address of where the O'Hares lived in North Belfast?
Who plays for Aquinas FC?
What did Edele study at University?
Trivia QuestionAnswer
Where was Ben born?
Where has Karim worked for the past 2 summers?
Who is Big Joes favourite singer?
In which city are the family doing their next marathon?
Which state did Joe stay in on the Ulster Project?
What is the name of Charleys favourtie band?
Where did Paul and Nadine meet?
What is Simon's girlfriends proper name?
In what year did Jack get married?
What is Rita's first name on her passport?
What is Ursula's profession?
What was the name of the Chip Shop big Karim owned?
What was the name of the Kellys dog?
Apart from Rita and Nadine which family member works at Loughview Nursing Home?
Which city in America did Jim work in?
Who failed their driving test 6 times?
What is the name of the village in which the Kellys live?
How many family members currently reside in England?
Name Kathys sisters?
Which family member lives closest to a hospital?

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