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Can you name the trivia answers from The Office (UK Edition)? Answer options are always the same?

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This is the real QuizAnswer - Always the same
What object has Chris Finch thrown over a pub?
What is the name of the winning quiz team?
Which Russian Dissident' - born 1821 - wrote Crime and Punishment?
Which warehouse member fancies Dawn - Even if no-one else does?
What was the name of David's band, once supported by a little known band called Texas?
What is David's biggest disappointment?
What is Dawn eating when David mentions his recent 'checkup'?
Who does David buy his ties off? Two for ten pounds?
What grade does Ricky manage to scrape at university?
What is the name of the nightclub the team attend on the Wednesday night?
What car does Jeff Lamp drive?
What 'competition' does Keith request as an event at the christmas party?
If Wernham Hogg was a person, which part of the body would David describe himself as?
Who is Gareth's ideal partner if he was left alone on a desert island?
What piece of food would David prefer to eat, as opposed to a sweet cake?
What is the name of the local (slough) brewery?
What is the name of Gareth's toy he attempts to cheer Rachel up with?
What game will you NEVER beat Gareth at?
What present do Tim's mum and dad buy him for his birthday?
In his evaluation, what does Keith regard as his greatest weakness?
David describes himself as a friend first, a boss second and probably what third?
Where does David want to go after his motivational speach? HINT; never mind Pizza express
What is the name of David's record label?
What activity does David encourage Dawn to 'keep up'?
Who is David actually talking to when he should be firing the 'bloody good rep' Chris Finch?
According to his blind date, what is David's 'party trick'?
This is the real QuizAnswer - Always the same
Who sang 'in the summer time'?
Who does David think the communist leader of Cuba is?
What piece of stationary equipment does Dawn get 'sacked' for, after allegedly stealing?
How long has David had his ear pierced for?
How long does David think it could take Tim to reach the hotseat?
What nickname have the office given to David?
What is the name of David Brent's dog?
The office quiz is set to start at 7, but what time are Tim's birthday drinks?
What 'affectionate' nickname has David given to Malcolm?
Which part of the female anatomy does David not want banded around the office willy nilly?
Which feature of the Ogg-Monster's body has been an Astigmatism since birth?
What song does David does choose to close his inspirational speach with?
How often does Chris Finch read a book?
When introducing Ricky to his accounts team/team members, what does David describe them as?
According to Simon (the computer technician) Bruce Lee has faked his own death to infiltrate which crime syndicate/gang?
What is the name of the political reggae number/song which David tells us about, but does not actually sing?
What is the make/brand of David's new brown leather jacket?
Which word does David nooooooo like hearing? He will however need to talk about it sooner or later
What is the name of the special filing cabinet that David insists all faxes from head office be kept?
We all know the mantra 'live fast die young', but what mantra does David believe in?
Which day does David lose his job on?
How many 'gold runs' does David claim to normally get whilst watching Blockbusters?
Who does David refer to as 'doing a great Ali G impression', when he mistakingly approaches Raj?
When Ricky leaves, and the Office haven't bought him a leaving present, what is the name of the person David refers to as having received a great leaving present?
Which sportstar forwarded the 'book of collective meditations' which David always keeps with him?
According to the song, which animal 'guards the gates of hell'?

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