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Can you name the the almost useless trivia about 'The Simpsons'?

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What is Homer's middle name?
What is the name of Springfield's rival town?
What is Principal Skinner's real (birth) name?
What is the name of Homer's (now deceased) enemy?
By what onscreen name is Rainier Wolfcastle better known as?
By what name is Robert Underdunk Terwilliger better known?
What is the name of Bart's dog?
To what name does Homer change his name to when his name becomes used on a TV show?
Which NFL team does Homer acquire from Hank Scorpio?
What is the local radio call sign/station called?
At what number Evergreen Terrace do the Simpsons live?
What is the name of the Springfield baseball team?
Who actually shot Mr. Burns?
What was Moe’s final boxing nickname? Kid Gorgeous, Kid Presentable and then?
Which character stars in the short film ‘man getting a football in the groin’?
What is the name of the dog who once starred with Itchy & Scratchy?
Which episode number was the ‘Simpsons episode spectacular’?
Which character, which you may recognize from various episodes, has a fish fetish?
What is the profession of Lurleen Lumpkin?
Which city is nicknamed ‘The Windy Apple’?
What is the name of Homer’s barbershop quartet? They have a hit with 'Baby on Board'
Which university did Charles Montgomery Burns attend?
What unit were Abe and Monty Burns part of during WWII?
Which character wins the state lottery? (Other than Lenny)
What is the first name of Sideshow Bob’s brother?
What is the name of the brand of cigarettes smoked in the Simpsons?
What is the name of the stadium where the baseball teams play?
What is the name of the store owned by Ned Flanders?
What 'thing' put North Haverbrook, Ogdenville, and Brockway 'on the map'?
What is the name of the mountain Homer climbs? Abe also once tried to reach its summit.
Which fictional university are Carl and Lenny alumni of?
What is the name of Homer's bowling team?
How many eyes does Blinky have?
What fictional holiday is 'celebrated' by Springfield every May 10th?
Who founded Springfield?
What is the name of Homer's mother?
What is the official tree of Springfield?
Who is the leader of the Springfield Mafia?
What is the name of the Italian restaurant often featured in the Simpsons?
Where would you be likely to meet the Holy Rollers, The Stereotypes, The Homewreckers and the Channel 6 Wastelanders?
What is the name of Bart's pet elephant?
What is Marge's maiden name?
Where are you likely to hear the phrase 'Thank you, come again!'?
What is the name of the product Smithers has the largest collection in the world of?
To which religion has Lisa converted?
What is the name of the daredevil stuntman often performing in the Simpsons?
Which sector of the power plant does Homer work in?
What is the name of the 'superhero' who stars in Bart and Millhouse's favorite comic book?
What is the name of Mr Burns' teddy bear?
Who/What gets the credit Homer believes he deserves from saving the space shuttle on re-entry?

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