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Can you name the powers fought in the Final Fantasy series (Read the comments)??

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InstallmentOppressive Power/ForceMain Character
Final FantasyLight Warriors
Final Fantasy IIFirion, Maria, Guy, Leon
Final Fantasy III (Japan only until DS release)Four Orphans
Final Fantasy IVCecil Harvey
Final Fantasy VBartz/Butz
Final Fantasy VI (FFIII in North America)Terra Branford
Final Fantasy VIICloud Strife
Final Fantasy VIIISquall Leonhart
Final Fantasy IXZidane Tribal
InstallmentOppressive Power/ForceMain Character
Final Fantasy XTidus
Final Fantasy X-2Yuna
Final Fantasy XIVaried
Final Fantasy XIIVaan
Final Fantasy XIIILightning
Final Fantasy TacticsRamza Beoulve and Delita Hyral
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceMarche Radiuju
Final Fantasy Tactics A-2:Grimoire of the RiftLuso Clemens
Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesVaried

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