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Can you name the celebrities that have one word for their names. (not including hyphinated names)(It does include Rea?

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Hairy guy that hangs out with Han Solo
Do you believe in life after love?
Little green jedi
Welcome to the Jungle!!
AKA Slim Shady
______, MCA and Mike D
Really Deborah Harry
Eric Cartman's Neighbor
RV actress.'ts Just a Little To Late'
Shake It Up! Actress
Cartoon Cop in a Wheelchair
Clark Kent
Why so serious?
Mos Eisley Bounty Hunter
Dog of Oz
She doesn't have to put on that red light
SEGA echidna
Disney's Beauty
Founded the Roman Catholic Church
Braught Osiris back to life, twice.
'The Simpson's' First Cat
That 70's Shoe Hippie
A Disney Vixon
The Lion of Naria
Leader of Carthage
First, I traveled through the Candy Cane Forest...
Of Mice and Men. Old Man
Im gonna make him an offer he can't refuse
Charlie Harper's Housekeeper
Foreign Exchange (Z)student

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