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Either of the two aristocratic factions opposed by the Reformers in the 1837 rebellions
This prominent lawyer led the Tories in Canada West during the early days of responsible government
Tory supporters burned sections of Montreal in 1849 after the Assembly passed this legislation
The best known father of Confederation
The conservative party in Quebec went by this colourful name before Confederation
They were led by this man into 'The Grand Coalition' with Macdonald
The first national Conservative party, with a rather confusing hyphenated name
Macdonald approved the creation of this force to police the Northwest Territories
Scandal which brought down the first Conservative government
His execution in 1885 devastated the party's fortunes in Quebec
The year Macdonald died
The man who succeeded him belatedly as leader and Prime Minister
Dashing young Prime Minister who died suddenly at Windsor Castle
Summoned by the Governor-General to help choose a new Prime Minister, this elder statesman suggested himself, and was duly appointed
#14 was ousted by the Conservative caucus over this sensitive issue
They chose this aging Father of Confederation to succeed him
The Conservatives vigourously opposed an independent Canadian navy , deriding it as this
This man led Canada through WWI
The Conservatives won the 1911 election on the strength of their opposition to this
The issue of conscription in WWI led many English Liberals to join the Conservative Party, contesting the 1917 election under this banner
He was picked by Cabinet and the Governor-General to succeed Borden in 1920, but he declined for personal reasons
The caucus chose this agrarian hardliner instead
#22 was unexpectedly appointed Prime Minister again in 1925 as a result of this constitutional crisis
The first Conservative leadership convention was held in 1927 in this city
This local businessman and politician was elected leader and became Prime Minister in 1930
The Conservative government introduced punitive measures during the Great Depression, including compelling the unemployed to report to these
The unpopularity of the Prime Minister led to this nickname for horse-drawn carriages
He unsuccessfully attempted to forge a second wartime coalition in the 1940 election
Manitoba premier John Bracken accepted the Conservative leadership in 1942, provided the party add this word to its name
Former Ontario premier who became leader of the PCs in 1949
#30 advocated the mass immigration of people from this country
This man first gained fame as a defence attourney in his native province
The 1958 election returned the largest majority in Canadian history for the Conservatives; the election became popularly known as this
The Tories won Quebec largely thanks to the support of 'le chef':
Diefenbaker began trade relations with this country
The cancellation of this costly aviation project proved deeply unpopular
The Conservative government began a controversial program to develop this area of Canada
This minister resigned at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, challenging Diefenbaker's leadership
The Conservatives agreed to house these American missiles on Canadian soil. but were divided on whether they should be armed with nuclear warheads
His classic Lament for A Nation expressed deep concern about American influence on Canadian culture, politics, and technology
Conservative journalist, satirist and Diefenbaker nemesis
Diefenbaker was forced to resign as PC leader in this year
The controversial new policy regarding Quebec that dominated the leadership convention and was subsequently rejected
The man elected at that convention, called 'the greatest Prime Minister Canada never had'
The above could best be described as one of these conservatives, socially moderate and advocating a role for government in the economy
The first black MP, elected in 1968, who later served as Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario
Stanfield dropped this in a famous (and embarrassing) campaign photograph
Stanfield's support for this Trudeau policy nearly led to his ouster
John Diefenbaker quipped that the Conservatives had celebrated the Year of the Child by electing this man leader
#49 bacame Canada's youngest Prime Minister, at age 41, in this year
The first woman to be appointed Secretary of State for External Affairs
Clark's vision of Canada summed up in this repetitious phrase
The Conservative minority government collapsed after MPs from this party abstained from voting on the budget
He built a 'Conservative coalition' from east to west and swept to power in 1984
#54's retort to John Turner in a televised debate that has been called 'the knockout punch'; Turner was arguing that he had no choice but to accept patronage appointments
The Conservatives reversed their old position and won re-election in 1988 by campaigning for free trade with this country
The failed Accord that would have seen Quebec ratify the Constitution in exchange for special status
The fatal phrase in the above that attracted widespread opposition from the western provinces in particular
The party formed in 1987 to express Western alienation among grassroots conservatives
The founder of this party
The party's slogan
Its first elected MP
Among the demands of the western provinces was that the Senate be reformed on this model
This Quebec cabinet minister resigned in 1990 to lead the separatist Bloc Quebecois
The Mulroney government called in the Canadian army to end a standoff in this Quebec town
The government unsuccessfully tried to pass a federal law governing this practice, after the Morgentaler decision
This disgraced media tycoon often accused the Canadian media of a 'soft left' bias
The maligned sales tax introduced by the PCs in 1990
The second failed Constitutional Accord, defeated by referendum in 1992
She became the first female Prime Minister in 1993
This Conservative strategist of the 80s and 90s later ran for mayor of Toronto and led the Ontario PCs
The Conservatives were soundly defeated in 1993, reduced to just this many seats
First elected to the House of Commons for Reform in 1993; left politics in 1997 after a falling out with his mentor
A 1995 convention confirmed him as leader of the PCs
Joe Clark returned to politics to lead the PCs again in 1998, representing a riding in this province
The Reform Party initated a series of these conferences hoping to 'unite the Right'
The party changed its name in response, resulting in this unflattering acronym
They went by this truncated name instead
This relative unknown won the leadership of the party and became Leader of the Official Opposition; criticized for his inexperience and extreme religious views
Comedian Rick Mercer made light of #79's alleged proposal to hold a referendum on any issue if this proportion of the population requested one
The breakaway caucus that rebelled against the leadership of #79, forcing his resignation
Prior to his return to elected politics, Stephen Harper served as National Chairman of this archconservative interest group
The last Progressive Conservative leader, currently serving as Minister of Defence
He took over as interim Opposition leader while the merger was finalized
The modern Conservative Party was formed in this year
A broker of the deal to create the Conservative Party, she ran unsuccessfully for the leadership and later defected to the Liberals
This Alberta commentator launched his magazine, the Western Standard, in 2004
During the 2004 election campaign, the Liberals repeatedly accused Harper of having this
Harper came under fire for a 2003 press conference he gave in support of this unpopular event
Further to the above, Harper and other Alliance MPs took out an ad in this American newspaper apologizing for the Canadian government's position
In 2006, the Conservatives promised to introduce this legislation to make government more transparent
The Conservative platform was highlighted by these enumerated promises
Seats won in the 2006 election
The Harper government offered a $600 benefit for the purposes of this, rather than a national program
Shortly after taking office, the government announced that Canada would not meet its obligations under this agreement
The government caucus circulated a handbook on obstructing these, drawing much criticism
The government's decision to tax these led to condemnation from seniors' groups and business
This former Tory strategist and theorist published a tell-all memoir in 2007
Lax food inspection measures imposed by the government were blamed for a 2008 outbreak of this disease
Himself a Progressive Conservative, Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams urged this strategy in the 2008 election
Despite passing legislation for these, Stephen Harper asked the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament for an October 2008 vote
Seats won in the 2008 election
The Harper government used this royal perogative twice since the last election
Former diplomat Richard Colvin accused the Conservative government of covering up torture of detainees in this country
The former Conservative MP accused of influence-peddling
,His wife, expelled from the Conservative caucus
The government called an inquiry in 2009 into the dealings of a former Prime Minister with this man
The Harper government proposed in 2010 to privatize this crown corporation
As of 2010, Canada's longest serving Senator, and the last remaining federal Progressive Conservative
This former journalist and Conservative Senator was charged with breach of trust and conspiracy related to his expenses
After the 2015 federal election, she was appointed interim leader of the Conservative Party

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