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What date was Bitstrips launched?
What is the name of BoomMike's first series?
Name one of the main Bitstrips developers (Bitstrips username)
Which Bitstripper's specialty is making realistic silhouettes?
Which two Bitstrippers starred in most of the 'Starinator' remixes?
Which user created the CTRL ALT Delete repair bat?
Who made the first Bitstrip on an airplane
Who has a series for amazing sky scenes?
Which Bitstripper created the hilarious character and series called Average Joe?
Which character stars in the editorial comics?
How many panels are there when you first open the comic builder?
What is the maximum number of rows you can make in the comic builder?
What does LKF stand for?
What is the name of gummy's art series?
Who created a Star Wars tribute series with stunning art?
Which effect (in the comic builder) is commonly used to create a gradient in comics?
Who created the cute pallywally characters?
Which Bitstripper ran for president?
QuestionAnswerExtra info
What does TOTD stand for?
Name the four members of The Bitstrips Band (usernames, alphabetical order)
Name a reason to flag a comic
What is Jimbo Jonny known for?
What is the name of BoomMike's series that advertises funny fake products?
How many default emotions/faces are there in the controls section of the comic builder?
Vi publishes most of her comics in this genre/category:
How often is a new episode of Local Patrol published?
Name the four colours of the parallelograms in the Bitstrips logo from left to right
What company produces Bitstrips?
What button/key on the keyboard do you hold to zoom/scale in the comic builder?
Which user has a series of interactive comics?
Name the first three categories of the art library in the comic builder
Name of a Bitstrips site for educational purposes:
How many choices of eyebrows are there in the character builder?
Clowning Around is a series by:
Which Bitstripper has a series of great space scenes (called Space Duhhst)
How do you make a character completely flexible in the comic builder?

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