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Invented ragtime. Known for the Maple Leaf Rag.
Loosened the 'stiffness' of ragtime and developed what we now know as the 'swing' feel of music.
Popularized jazz during the Prohibition era, often performing in speakeasies.
Combined jazz and art music into what he called 'American music.' Known for songs like 'Jeep's Blues.'
Fathered bebop music alongside Bud Powell and Dizzy Gilespie. Brilliant saxophonist.
Took a radical approach to composition and improvisation on the piano. Known best for 'Epistrophy.'
Contributed to the jazz repertoire with the first song built upon a typical African cross-rhythm, 'Afro Blue.'
Revived the Dixieland style of music (of which they had originally played) into modern jazz.
Played with a lighter sound that became known as 'cool jazz.' Avoided the complex harmonic structure and aggressive tempos of bebop.
Popularized the use of uncommon time signatures into his music. Known best for the song 'Take Five,' in 5/4 time.
Pioneered 'hard bop,' a type of jazz that incorporates influences from blues, R&B, and gospel. Played with Horace Silver and Clifford Brown.
Removed meter, beat and overall formality of jazz music to create 'free jazz,' a controversial genre that was astonishingly unique.
Played avant-garde style improvisational saxophone. Known best for the album and song 'Giant Steps.'
Popular in the short lived genre of psychedelic-jazz, they released four albums with rock, funk and African influences.
This saxophonist invented 'smooth jazz' - a genre in which tempos are slow and lead instruments are usually soprano or tenor saxophones. Helped smooth jazz be played on the radio o
Explored contemporary rock with traditional jazz acoustics. Played the piano with his trio, The Bad Plus.

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