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Can you answer these super tough questions from the Office (US) S1E01 'Pilot'?

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What account does Jim need Michael's help with?
What is the full name of the company Michael works for, according to Michael?
How long has Michael been at Dunder Mifflin?
How long has Michael been Regional Manager?
Where is the special filing cabinet for messages from Corporate?
Where did Michael get his mug?
What name does Michael call Jan?
Who did Michael get his filing cabinet joke from?
What was the filing cabinet joke originally used for?
Who decided, along with the board, to have branch downsizing?
What is Michael's nickname for Todd Packer?
What is Packer's nickname for Jan?
What one word, with two syllables, does Dwight say to Jim?
What slow-motion running reference does Michael make?
Who are Michael's heroes, in the order he says them?
What is Dwight's title at Dunder Mifflin?
What is Pam's favorite yogurt flavor?
What year and model car does Dwight have?
What possesion of Dwight's does Jim put in Jell-O?
How many previous times has Jim put something of Dwight's in Jell-O?
What does Dwight volunteer as on the weekends?
Puns: Jim: 'Dwight, I'm sorry, because I have always been _____'
Puns: Ryan: 'You should have _____'
Puns: Michael: '_____'
How long have Pam and Roy been engaged?
When were they supposed to get married?
In the atmosphere Michael has created around the office, he is first a what?
He is second a what?
He is third a what?
What two TV shows does Michael mention before fake-firing Pam, in the order he mentions them?
What does Michael accuse Pam of stealing?
What is the most important thing for a company?
What was the nationality of the guy who asked Michael to be his child's godfather?
What does Jim put in Jell-O at the end of the episode?

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