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Equation for change in angular distance as a function of declination and right ascention (and their changes) (use RA, Dec, and D in front to mean 'change in') DTheta^2=...
Sun crossing the celestial equator moving northwardsFrom the reference of the Northern Hemisphere
Based on consecutive meridian crossings of a star. About 23 hr 56 min.(w.r.t. the Sun)
Time it takes one object to appear in the same place relative to two other objectsFor example, compared to the Sun and Earth
Point on celestial sphere directly above an observer
When the Sun is most Northern on ecliptic pathWith reference to the Northern Hemisphere
When the Sun is most southern on ecliptic pathFrom the reference of the Northern Hemisphere
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Time it takes an object to make a full rotation, relative to the background stars
Great circle going through the zenith in the N-S direction.
Apparent path of the Sun from Earth throughout a year
Sun crossing the celestial sphere moving southwardsFrom the reference of the Northern Hemisphere
Average interval of 24 hours between meridian crossings of the Sun
Tilt of Earth's axis with respect to its orbital plane

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