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Diameter of local group of galaxies2 sf
1 pcParsec in ly (3 sf)
1 inInch in cm (3 sf)
OrangeOrange wavelength range
hPlanck's constant (mks units) (4 sf)
Distance to farthest (barely) visible (naked eye) starsRough, 1 sf (ly)
Balmer deltaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
1 eVeV in Joules (2 sf)
Circular velocity of Sun around Milky Way center2 sf
Earth mass1 sf
mpProton mass, mks, 3 sf
X-RayX-Ray wavelength range
mpProton mass in terms of energy (3 sf)
Paschen gammaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
1 ergerg in Joules
Lyman alphaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
lnln x = ? log_10 x (4 sf)
RedRed wavelength range
Age of the Sun3 sf
Age of the universe4 sf
mnNeutron mass in terms of energy (3 sf)
Lyman gammaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
hch = Planck angular momentum, c = speed of light
H atmRough scale height of Earth's atmosphere
1 miMile in km (2 sf)
Paschen alphaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
Solar mass1 sf
Distance from Sun to Milky Way centerRough, 1 sf for pc, 2 sf for ly
cSpeed of light (3 sf)
Solar radius1 sf
1 pc/MyrEquals one what? (speed with different units)
Distance to Andromeda3 sf, ly
BlueBlue wavelength range
meElectron mass, mks, 3 sf
Balmer betaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
1 yrYear in seconds (3 sf)
1 AUAstronomical unit in meters (2 sf)
Paschen betaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
Lyman deltaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
Balmer alphaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
Balmer gammaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
AlphaFine structure constant fraction. 3 sf
RadioRadio wavelength is greater than...
kBoltzmann constant
YellowYellow wavelength range
Solar luminosity2 sf
1 lyLight-year in meters (2 sf)
Lyman betaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
Distance to nearest starsRough, 2 sf (ly)
1 miMile in feet or yards (4 sf)
1 lyLight-year in AU (1 sf)
NAvagadro's number (4 sf)
1 CCoulomb in statcoulomb (statC) (3 sf)
GammaGamma wavelength range is less than...
VioletViolet wavelength range
Rho atmRough mass density of air (cgs)
1 pcParsec in m (2 sf)
InfraredInfrared wavelength range
meElectron mass in terms of energy (3 sf)
MicrowaveMicrowave wavelength range (micrometer = microm)
Scale height is when a quantity decreases by a factor ofScale height denoted by H. Might have to add a space after the answer.
kBoltzmann's constant (mks units) (3 sf)
Earth radius2 sf
GreenGreen wavelength range
GGravitational constant, 3 sf
e4 sf
PiRatio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (10 sf)
mnNeutron mass, mks, 3 sf
Lunar mass3 sf
Velocity of Earth around Sun2 sf, km/s
Lunar radius2 sf
e-Electron charge (absolute value) (2 sf)
Velocity of Earth relative to CMB2 sf
Rho waterMass density of water (cgs)
Distance to LMCLarge Magellenic Cloud, 2 sf (ly)
Paschen deltaHydrogen spectral line, 3 sf
UltravioletUltraviolet wavelength range

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