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A group of words that expresses a complete thought
An instance where no sound is made
Touch or taste, e. g.
A piece of something, such as pizza or cake
Conjunction indicating length of time from an event until now
The opposite of complex
What fireworks do on the Fourth of July
What you do whenever you take a picture
A wise person or an herb used in many dishes
To look at someone or something for a long period of time
To be enough
To interfere in someone's production
Undersea animal whose males give birth
To make something more efficient
Relating to salt
The boundary of water and air
The movement that brought about women's right to vote
An underwater boat or a common sandwich
If you look to the east in the early morning, you will see this
To suspect or suppose
To combine various bits of information into one summary
A gap
To take, usually by force
To do something unexpectedly
To give up something in exchange for a future benefit
To separate, as in what the Confederacy did in the Civil War
A fibrous material typically used for cleaning tableware
To quell one's thirst

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