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InfoCodenamePossible Answers
Optic blasts
Married Cyclops
Omega level mutant; youngest original member
Flies using wings
Animalistic in appearance
Can imitate powers of those in close proximity
Current leader of the Starjammers
Long thought to be Magneto's daughter
Devout Catholic
Married Black Panther
Adamantium fused to his skeleton
Was very close to Moira MacTaggert
Was once one of Apocalypse's horsemen (Famine)
Powers manifested when saving his sister
First of three X-Men to use this codename
Can 'phase' through objects
Raised by a foster mother who turned out to be Mystique
Jean and Scott's child from an alternate reality
One of the X-Men's original enemies
Captain Britain's sister
A singer who used her powers as special effects
Born in Mojowold, married Dazler
Superhuman invention skills
Former mallrat
Raised by the Guild of Thieves - A Former horseman of Apocalypse
Assassin who switched bodies with one of the X-Men
Police oficer from an alternate future
Can fly at jet speeds
A clone of Magneto
Surgeon, exposed as a mutant
Can generate bones to use as weapons
Has two slugs instead of a digestive system
Son of Scott and Madelyne
Indian pyrokinetic mutant
Could create mental illusions, communicate with animals and sense death
Mutant with a computer-like mind, former member of the Hellfire Club
Telepath who can turn into a diamond-hard substance, former member of the Hellfire Club
Formerly living furnace, now can control sound and can fly
Had a star then a blackhole in head which was the source of powers
Former prostitute
Half Shi'ar - Can develop any ability necessary to save lives
Half Shi'ar - Mutant power was jump-started in order to save is sister
One of the first openly gay Marvel comic characters
Changes physical composition of body by shedding skin
Charles Xavier's step-brother
One of the 'missing' or 'lost' X-Men - Constantly, reactively evolves
Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, and senses - Can fly
Former Indian police officer and Prime Sentinel
Ability to generate psionic body armor that grants superhuman strength and durability
Former Starjammer and lover of Corsair
A former Morlock
Welsh student at Xavier Institute, had butterfly wings
Once was left obese after her body was inhabited by the Shadow King
Mutant son of a human sea captain and an Atlantean princess
Ability to link to the 'Darkforce' dimention
Ability to purge addictions from people, can heal people
Shapeshifter, her lover was Destiny
Father of anti-mutant activist Graydon Creed
Daughter of the villain Mastermind
InfoCodenamePossible Answers
Can fly and manipulate earth, fire and lava
Can actively translate any form of communication
From the planet Kvch
Brazilian member of the X-Men
Brandishes a 'Soulsword'
Scottish mutant, adopted by Moira MacTaggert
Foster sister and lover of Nightcrawler
One of the Muir Island X-Men with superstrength and durability
Son of Charles Xavier
Given superhuman strength by the Demon Bear - Former Nurse at the Xavier Institute
Given superhuman strength by the Demon Bear
Can create duplicates of himself
Raised by her uncle, Black Tom Cassidy
Former bodyguard of Lila Cheney
Age of Apocalypse version of Cable
Once attempted to take over the Brooklyn chapter of the Mafia
Has transparent skin, able to temporarily infect others with his transparency
Sister of Sunfire
Steel-hard skin, superhuman strength and durability
Ability to disable superpowers, electronic systems and blocks telepathic intrusions
Wears a mask to hide his face, deformed by experiments of Weapon Plus project
The X-Men's lawyer
Has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance
Magneto's son
Bishop's great grandfather
Jean Grey's clone
Abilities include disintegrating, absorbing and releasing energy
Kitty Pryde's sidekick and X-Men mascot
Once had powers drained by Rogue
An escaped subject of the Weapon Plus project
Formerly bird-like mutation allowing limited flight, now techno-suit allows full flight and superhuman strength
Afghanistani student, can transform entire body to sand
Formerly known as the Five-in-One, briefly Four-in-One and now Three-in-One
Had a long bird-like neck
Had four arms before being depowered
Had three extra mouths
The third Summers brother
One of the 'missing' or 'lost' X-Men. Could manipulate earth
One of the 'missing' or 'lost' X-Men. Could manipulate time
Extended longevity, enhanced immune system, heightened eye-sight
Ability of Pyromorphing and pyrokenisis
Former Morlock - Can generate forse fields
Possibly bisexual - could release seismic wave from fingertips before being depowered
Can create balls of energy that explode on impact
Another native of Mojoworld, very close to Rictor
Feline appearance; enhanced senses and agility; healing factor; sharp claws, fangs and prehensile tail
Looks like a bird. Capable of winged flight
Possesses wings that allow her to glide over short distances. She can also become invisible once she wraps herself in them. She also possesses some empathic control over the male s
Has bright pink skin - telepath
Can dampen or nullify others powers
Impersonated Domino to infiltrate the team
Member of the Fallen Angels - Can teleport himself and/or others
Ability to link doorways through sub-dimentional access
Ability to enhance or dampen mutant powers
Member of the Fallen Angels with power of telekenisis
Has small furry humanoid appearance
Resembles a red T-rex
Has six feet of extra skin
Can temporarily duplicate other mutant powers when in proximity to them
Her sisters combined their essence to impersonate her whilst she was missing
Capable of feleportation, also dimensional energy projection. Has lilac skin
InfoCodenamePossible Answers
Immune to psychic intrusion - Has claws for hands feet and hair
Capable of absorbing organic or inorganic material into his cellular structure to take on the properties of whatever he touches until it is 'digested' from his system
As well as telepathy and telekenisis, can draw matter from another dimension, Has ability to create and reshape any matter
Ex-reaver who developed mutant abilities and golden skin
One of Emma Frost's favourite students
Can change form to metallic liquid
Gay student at the Xavier Institute
Granite-like appearance
Can absorb electricity and discharge at will or use for super speed
Female Wolverine clone
Extreme strength by temporarily increasing his muscle mass
Can utilize skills and knowledge of those around him
Capable of retrocognition, precognition and telepathy
Possesses a permanent werewolf-like form that imbues him with enhanced strength, endurance, speed, senses, and agility
Tattoos on his body grant his powers
Powers are active when in darkness
Can turn invisible, completely stealth!
Bio-paraffin body, superhuman strength, speed and resilience
Ultra-violet light generation
Heat generation
Could produce pictures and words on her skin
Responsible for the riot which caused the death of Sophie Cuckoo
Formerly winged flight, now technologically granted ice and fire generation
A brain in a bubble
At one point, thought to be the embodiment of Professor Xavier's sister
Abnormal appearance, bald, abnormally large and with one eye
Student with autism, exists in a gaseous state
Winged brother of Sam, Paige and Melody. Killed by Nimrod
Wind and air manipulation
Powers are pheromone manipulation based
Can decay organic materials by touching them
Places a psionic broadcast on a person that repels or attracts those around him
Has ability to control and manipulate plants
Member of Cyclops' Corsairs squad, voted class clown at the Institute
Can transform into a living shadow
Gained different powers depending on music around him
Can generate and manipulate fire
Can generate corporeal astral projections
Capable of short-term precognition
Has retractable armoured plates
Hawaiian student, can swim through solid matter
Maasai stuent, can shrink to a height of four inches
A technopath - Can communicate with machines
Powers grant her extreme elasticity
Diamond form, can produce diamond projectiles from skin
Rubbery body can allow him to jump great heights and shape shift into many things
Mystique's guise as a student at the Institute
Superhuman strength and durability, rock-like form
Can expel water in pressurized streams
Sam, Paige and Jay's sister. Depowered after M-Day
Had spikes over his body
Depowered student with limited telepathic abilities
Was a little creature and used his illusory powers to look like a handsome boy
Aquatic abilities. Killed by Black Tom Cassidy
Could generate shadows
Had a fluid body
Could manipulate emotions. Elephant-like appearance
Wingless flight. Comitted suicide - Armor's best friend.
Amphibious abilities

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