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Person who directly contribute to producing the organization's goods or services
Decision made by a leader after receiving information, advice, or opinions from group members
Ability to use expertise to perform a task with proficiency
Composed of economic, legal-political, technological, socio-cultural, and natural environment conditions
Collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce
The process of setting objectives and determining how to accomplish them
Uses information technologies to link with networks of outside suppliers and service contractors
Process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks
Process of joint objective-setting between a superior and subordinate
Person who reports to middle managers and supervise non-managerial workers
Follower-centered and committed to helping others in their work
Describes intentions for personal growth through knowledge and skills development
Collection of people working together to achieve a common purpose
Helps to implement all or parts of a strategic plan
Links all persons with successively higher levels of authority
Decision made by the leader and then communicated to the group
Leader who emphasizes both tasks and people
Interacts with its environment and transforms resource inputs into outputs
Process of purchasing materials or services around the world for local use
Ability to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively
Process where a fee is paid to a foreign business for rights to locally operate using its name, branding, and methods
Manager in a public or non-profit organization
Allows an organization to deal with market and environmental forces better than its competitors
Person who supports, activates, and is responsible for the work of others
Rational and efficient form of organization founded on logic, order, and legitimate authority
Process where products are bought from foreign markets
Measure's a person's leadership style
Form of business where two or more people agree to contribute resources to start and operate a business together
Decentralized, with fewer rules and procedures, open divisions of labour, wide spans of control, and more personal coordination
Partnership in which foreign and domestic firms share resources and knowledge for mutual gains
Identifies alternative future scenarios and makes plans to deal with each
Process of setting objectives and determining what should be done to accomplish them
Person who has up-to-date skills that allow for job and career mobility
Decision made by group members themselves
The issue of who will run the business when the current head leaves
Organization in which member nations agree to negotiate and resolve disputes about tariffs and trade restrictions
Convened for a particular task or project and disband once it is completed
Factors in the work setting that direct work efforts withouth the involvement of a leader
Groups together people working on the same product, in the same area, with similar customers, or on the same processes
System of tasks, reporting relationships, and communication linkages
Leadership in which leaders are strong communicators and act in a democratic and participative manner with followers
Process of using intellectual capital for competitive adavantage
An initial selling of shares of stock to the public at large
Pathway through which a message moves from sender to receiver
Business owned and controlled by members of a family
Involves managing operations in more than one country
Assumes people dislike work, lak ambition, act irresponsibly, and prefer to be led
Creates new products and production methods that have reduced environmental impact
Capacity to influence other people because of their desire to identify personally with you
Leader who displays a ''do the best you can and don't bother me'' attitude
Leader who emphasizes people over tasks
System that transforms resource inputs from the environment into product outputs (ex. Bombardier makes planes and sells them to Air Canada)
Eliminates internal boundaries among subsystems and external boundaries with the external environment
Process of measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results
Dispertion of authority to make decisions throughout all organizatino levels
Both meets the needs of customers and protects the well-being of our natural environment
Process of grouping people and jobs into work units
Ability to accept and adapt to new cultures
Unique form of ethical entrepreneurship that seeks novel ways to solve pressing social problems
Hierarchy where lower-level objectives are means to accomplishing higher-level ones
Meets the needs of the present without hurting future generations
Form of business where one business owner sells to another the right to operate the same business in a different location
Leadership where it activates positive psychological states to achieve self-awareness and positive self-regulation
Statement of intended means for accomplishing objectives
Capacity to influence other people because of specialized knowledge
Process of assigning tasks, allocating resources, and coordinating work activities
Plan which describes how the leadership transition and related financial matters will be handled
Tries to match management practices with situational demands
People who make large investments in new ventures in return for an equity stake in the business
Brings together members from different functional departments
Process of arousing ethusiasm and inspiring efforts to achieve goals
Studies how management practices differ among countries and cultures
Taxes governments levy on imports from abroad
Uses external and internal comparisons to plan for future improvements
Is a skill-based capability for high performance in a management job
A lack of complete information about the environment
Ability to get someone else to do something you want done or to make things happen the way you want
The tendency of persons singled out for special attention to perform as expected
Study of individuals and groups in organizations
Level of coordination achieved between subsystems in an organization
Sustainable high performance in using resources to accomplish a mission
Usage of space to communicate
New ventures go on-line to sell equity stakes in their businesses to crowds of investors
Identifies long-term directions for the organization
The overall quality of human experiences in the workplace
People having this attitude are high in cultural intelligence and take a collaborative approach to global management practices
Invisible barrier limiting career advancement of women and minorities
Study of how organizations produce goods and services
Consistently achieves excellence while creating a high-quality work environment
Communication which earns trust, respect, and integrity in the eyes of others
Business who has fewer than 100 employees, is independently owned and operated, and does not dominate its industry
Someone whose mind is a critical asset to employers
Groups together people and jobs focused on a single product or service
Illegal practices to further one's business interests
Person who uses special technical expertise to advise and support line workers
The degree to which a society values assertiveness and materialism
Status that gives a trading partner most favourable treatment to protect domestic firms from foreign competition
Science of reducing a task to its basic physical motions
a MNC that operates worldwide on a borderless basis
Process who tries to forecast political disruptions that can threaten the value of a foreign investment
Continous learning from daily experiences
Emphasizes careful selection and training of workers and supervisory support
Groups together people and jobs performed in the same location
Groups together people with similar skills who perform similar tasks
Use of the Internet to pursue an entrepreneurial venture
Multinational business with extensive operations in more than one foreign country
Suggests that managers using good human relations will achieve productivity
Uses permanent and temporary cross-functional teams to improve lateral relations
Group of related tasks that collectively creates a valuable work product
Degree to which a society accepts unequal distrubution of power
Builds an entirely new operation in a foreign country
Involves always searching for new ways to improve work quality and performance
Process of creating positive relationships with people who can help advance agendas
Respect of local knowledge and allowance of foreign operations to run with substantial freedom
Degree to which a society emphasizes individuals and their self-interests
World where nations cooperate in the global economy while still respecting different national characters and interests
Culture where time is used to accomplish many different things at once
Smaller component of a larger system
Full-time employment of children for work otherwise done by adults
the North American Free Trade Agreement linking Canada, the United States, and Mexico in an economic alliance
Identifies alternative courses of action to take when things go wrong
Process where a local firm pays a fee to a foreign firm for rights to make or sell its products
Advantage which comes from being the first to exploit a niche or enter a market
Provide technical expertise for other parts of the organization
Hypothesis that holds that males and females have similar psychological properties
The potential loss in value of a foreign investment due to instability and political changes in the host country
Leader who develops special leader-follower relationships and inspires followers in extraordinairy ways
Process of growing interdependance among elements of the global economy
Input measure of resource cost associated with goal accomplishment
Indicates how different operations within the organization will help advance the overall strategy
Legal entity that exists separately from its owners
Plan which describes the direction for a new business and the financing needed to operate it
Allocates resources as if each budget were brand new
Groups together people and jobs that serve the same customers or clients
Economy in which resources, markets, and competition are worldwide in scope
The deliberate blockage and denial of public access to information posted on the internet
Indicates conformity with a rigorous set of international standards
Process where local products are sold abroad to foreign customers
Leader who acts in a unilateral, command and control type fashion
Culture where people tend to do one thing at a time
Operates with a minimum of bureaucratic features and encourages worker empowermont and teamwork
Includes the persons who will be affected by plans and/ or those who will implement them
Communication that occurs at minimum cost
Clarifies the purpose of the organization and expresses what it hopes to be in the future
Results when words communicate one message while actions, body language, or appearance communicate something else
Describes differences among workers in gender, race, age, ethinicity, religion, sexual orientation, and able-bodiedness
Assumes that a generalized cultural value applies equally well to all members of the culture
Creation of value for and satisfying needs of stakeholders
Clear sense of the future
Person who oversees the work of large departments or divisions
Being carried along by the flow of events
Ability to work well in cooperation with other people
Occurs when an organization does different things or the same things in different ways from its major competitors
Is the number of subordinates directly reporting to a manager
Political and economic alliance of European Countries
Wealthy individual willing to invest in a new venture in return for equity in a new venture
Common european currency
Leader who is inspirational and arouses extraordinary effort and performance
Uses tasks, rewards, and structures to influence and direct the efforts of others
The degree to which a society emphasizes short-term or long-term goals
Concentration of authority for most decisions at the top level of an organization
Person responsible for one area, such as finance, marketing, production, personnel, accounting, or sales
Risk taking behaviour that results in new opportunities
Recurring pattern of behaviours exhibited by a leader
Communication which takes place through gestures and body language
A standing plan that communicates broad guidelines for decisions and action
Entreprise who has a social mission to help make lives better for underserved populations
Belief that the best approaches are found at home and tightly control foreign operations
Quantity and quality of work performance, with resource utilization considered
Process of creating structures that accomplish mission and objectives
Person willing to pursue opportunities in situations others view as problems or threats
Involves exchanging ownership shares for outside investment monies
The display of negative, irrational attitudes towards members of diverse populations
Lack of communication and coordination across functions
Plan that commits resources to projects or activities
Form of business where an individual pursues a profit
Communication where the intended meaning is fully understood by the receiver
Corporation who employ workers at very low wages for long hours and in poor working conditions
Process of sending and receiving symbols with meanings attached
Output measure of task or goal accomplishment
Worldwide interdependence of resource flows, product markets, and business competition
Process of planning, organizing, leading, controlling the use of resources to accomplish performance goals
Skills and personal characteristics that help us be successful in cross-cultural situations
Operating workers are at the top, serving customers, while managers are at the bottom supporting them
Ability to think analytically to diagnose and solve complex problems
Ability to translate knowledge into action that results in desired performance
Arranges people and resources to work towards a goal
Describes intentions for specific performance improvements
Uses IT and the Internet to engage a shifting network of strategic alliances
Identifies short-term activities to implement strategic plans
Groups jobs and activities that are part of the same process
Capacity to punish or withhold positive outcomes as a means of influencing other people
Occurs when a person acts in ways that confirm another's expectations
Precisely describes actions that are to be taken in specific situations
Collection of interrelated parts working together for a purpose
Person who guides the performance of the organization as a whole or of its major parts
Describes the arrangement of work positions within an organization
Involves making decisions based on hard facts about what really works
Centralized, with many rules and procedures, a clear-cut division of labour, narrow spans of control, and formal coordination
Capacity to get things done with support and help of others
Continuously changes and improves, using the lessons of experience
Process which involves borrowing money that must be repaid over time, with interest
Combines functional and divisional approaches to emphasize project or program teams
Change in behaviour that results from experience
Building, buying all, or buying part ownership of a business in another country
Leadership where it is always ''good'' and ''right'' by ethical standards
Are things people and organizations do that lead to superior performance
Culture who relies on nonverbal and situational cues as well as on spoken or written words in communication
The degree to which a society tolerates risk and uncertainty
Attempts to predict the future
Manager who is culturally aware and informed on international affairs
Set of unofficial relationships among an organization's members
Degree of difference between subsystems in an organization
Business which operates in a foreign country through co-ownership by foreign and local partners
Physiological or psychological defiency that a person wants to satisfy
Conducts commercial transactions across national boundaries
Job creation through foreign direct investment
People, groups, and institutions directly affected by an organization
Allows others to make decisions and exercice discretion in their work
Local operation completely owned by a foreign firm
Culture who emphasizes communication via spoken or written words
Requirement to show performance results to a supervisor
Environment which includes the people and groups with whom an organization interacts
Develops action priorities for accomplishing goals and plans
Capacity to offer something of value as a means of influencing other people
Brings to the situation a clear sense of the future and an understanding of how to get there
Presents a message in a manner that causes the other person to support it
Specific results that one wishes to achieve
Actively denies minority members the full benefits of organizational membership
Assumes people are wiling to work, like responsibility, and are self-directed and creative
Managing with an organization-wide commitment to continuous improvement, product quality, and customer needs
Person responsible for complex, multifunctional units
Uses quantative analysis and applied mathematics to solve problems
Hybrid business form combining advantages of the sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation
Call for tariffs and favourable treatments to protect domestic firms from foreign competition
Capacity to influence other people by virtue of formal authority, or rights of office
Identifies the informal structures and their embedded social relationships that are active in an organization
Sets moral standards of what is ''good'' and ''right'' in one's behaviour
Manager who helps others achieve high performance and satisfaction at work
The official structure of the organization
Process of distributing and entrusting work to other persons
Honesty, credibility, and consistency in putting values into actions
Intentional distortion of information to make it appear most favourable to the recipient
Occurs when family members have major disagreements over how the business should be run

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