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Can you name the real people mentioned by name in the film Birdman?

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He's doing the third Hunger Games!
Doing the prequel to the X-Men prequel!
(Who?) He's an Avenger!
about to talk about his billion-dollar superhero franchise on Riggan's television
The guy lost a piece of his liver every time he wrote a page!
As you're probably aware, the philosopher said... hang on, who's this guy? Which Birdman was he in?
Do you have any idea...
who walked these boards...
before you? And now..., Riggan Thomson!
A sucker's born every minuteā€”or so this circus pioneer supposedly said
A critic is to an artist as an informant is to a soldier, according to Mike Shiner and this French writer
Was sitting two seats in front of Riggan on a turbulent flight from LA
Did you know he died the same day as the below?
But Riggan isn't this one, according to his ex-wife...
...who still loved him even though he did that ridiculous comedy with this actress
You think you're going to get this actor to replace Mike?
He's attending the premiere and casting for his new film, but don't tell anyone, ok?
Sam thinks Mike's description of her on the roof is THIS bad
or even THIS bad
We would've raised, like... a serial killer... or....
If Riggan doesn't like his new nose, he can always use this actress's guy

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