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Quiz Updated Jan 20, 2017

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Kanye slowed down one of this robotic French dance duo's biggest hits for ''Stronger''Daft Punk
Kanye's introduction to many listeners—his production of ''Takeover'' from Jay-Z's The Blueprint—samples ''Five to One'' by this Jim Morrison-led classic rock bandThe Doors
Kid Cudi's Ye-produced ''Make Her Say'' revolves around this modern diva performing ''Poker Face'' acousticallyLady Gaga
''Paris'' by Kanye and Jay-Z features dozens of quotable lyrics, but it starts with an excerpt from Blades of Glory spoken by this comedic actor and Old School SNL vetWill Ferrell
Jamie Foxx did his best impression of this artist for the intro to ''Gold Digger'', but the rest of the track samples the original ''I Got a Woman''Ray Charles
Tony Stark and Kanye both must love this band for their classic ''Iron Man'', re-used in Kanye's ''Hell of a Life''Black Sabbath
''Paper Planes'' by this artist sampled The Clash and became a huge summer hit in its own right before inspiring the Kanye-produced ''Swagga Like Us''M.I.A.
Kanye and Raekwon traded verses on a remix of ''Runaway Love'' by this pop star whose worldwide fame has probably confused you if you're over the age of 16Justin Bieber
Ye and Jay sampled this legendary vocalist's ''Try a Little Tenderness'' so liberally they decided to just name the resulting track after him and give him a co-performer's creditOtis Redding
The royalties from Ye's use of ''Someone Saved My Life Tonight'' on ''Good Morning'' probably don't make much of a difference when you're the best-selling English solo act everElton John
These English new-wavers scored a big hit with ''Everybody Wants to Rule the World'' but may be best known by a new generation by their sample on Kanye's ''Coldest Winter''Tears for Fears
Few indie rockers share the stage with the world's biggest MC, but this artist and Ye are best buds now that the latter sampled his ''Woods'' on ''Lost in the World''Bon Iver
Hint Artist % Correct
This band's ''Happy Together'' still plays on radio stations around the world, but their lesser hit ''You Showed Me'' caught second wind after showing up in Kanye's ''Gorgeous''The Turtles
Kanye felt some kinship with this prog-rock titan's ''21st Century Schizoid Man'', so he took its hook for ''POWER''King Crimson
This Chicago soul/funk legend is one of Ye's frequent inspirations; his ''Move On Up'' is used in ''Touch the Sky''Curtis Mayfield
These jazz-rockers, led by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, asked Kanye if he realized he was a ''Champion'' through a sampleSteely Dan
This Miracle-uous Motown icon is a favorite of hip hop producers, but Kanye's only used his cover of The Shirelles' ''Will You Love Me Tomorrow'' on ''Devil in a New Dress''Smokey Robinson
This Irish electronic innovator is best known for aggressive tracks like ''Come to Daddy'' and ''Windowlicker'' but Ye looped some piano from ''Avril 14th'' to make ''Blame Game''Aphex Twin
Kanye had rapped over samples by this soul musician and poet on a few occasions, but he let him have the track all to himself on ''Who Will Survive in America''Gil Scott-Heron
Ten years after releasing his Tubular Bells album, this artist asked ''can we get much higher?'' Kanye West still wonders the same thing on ''Dark Fantasy''Mike Oldfield
Damo Suzuki, the Japanese vocalist of these German krautrock legends, was probably pretty surprised when Kanye turned an unintelligble lyric of his into ''Drunk and Hot Girls''Can
Kanye re-appropriated Tony Montana's theme from Scarface, written for the film by this Italian disco icon, for his verse on the GOOD Music posse cut ''Mercy''Giorgio Moroder
This entertainer has won four Grammys, three Emmys, three Golden Globes, and a Tony, but we bet she was still honored to hear her ''Mr. Rockefeller'' sample on Ye's ''Last Call''Bette Midler
Phil Manzanera played lead guitar for these English glam-rockers decades before his own ''K-Scope'' formed the menacing backbone of ''No Church in the Wild''Roxy Music

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