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Forced Order
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Question / hintGroup / SoloFact
Appeared on 1 full season on hello baby
Lyric:Choeumeun anijyo sashil malha jamyon sarangdo ibyuldo haebwatjyo
Some member have appered at 'DreamHigh'
Who have their own variety show on 2011?
Lyric:Eokkaega chuk neureojyeo ittneun neo Hansumman ddang kkeojige swineun neo Dapdaphan gaseumman tangtang chineun neo Duson moa haneurege gido haneun neo Ilgeorago moseubi naneu
2 member of the group come from US
4 member with 1 kkab dancer
the maknae of the group is the lead vocal
Question / hintGroup / SoloFact
the leader of the group appered before at 'We Got Married'
Lyric:Nobody Nobody Nobody No one no bakken opso Shimnyoni jimnado gangsani byonhaedo no bakken opso Baboya nal boran mariya onuldo norul hyanghae sorichyo
Have a surname Yoon (Leader)
Have a song name that calls for a man
They want _______ but you
Number 1
All member have solos

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