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QuestionAnswerAnswer begins with...
Elaine's dad's nameA
Peterman fled to this country (according to him)B
Kramer's first nameC
Kramer's intern's nameD
Who left the erotic message on Jerry's tape?E
Unruly dog Jerry had to dogsitF
He gives excellent haircutsG
Restaurant Elaine gets blackballed fromH
Susan licked these and diedI
Coffee shop Kramer successfully suedJ
Real life man Kramer is based onK
Jerry accidentally wears the puffy shirt because of herL
Peaches that Kramer and Newman loveM
QuestionAnswerAnswer begins with...
Who was the scofflaw?N
George does this to turn his life around and get a job with the YankeesO
Bad movie the gang tried to see in 'The Chinese Restaurant'P
How Elaine refers to herself in The Contest before she losesQ
Name of the annoying pool guyR
Susan's college roommateS
Elaine's preferred birth controlT
Jerry's relative who says 'Hello!'U
President with a street gang named after himV
'My ___ has an inner ear infection'W
Drink the bubble boy's dad transportsY
George's girlfriend Sienna works hereZ

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