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Who eliminated Texican Rights?
Republic of Texas also known as?
Who was nicknamed Young Hickory?
What was proposed twice in the House but never in the Senate?
What ended discussion of slavery in Congress?
How many white families actually owned slaves?
In the North who resented free blacks the most?
Who negotiated the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
Where did small civil wars erupt from?
California Gold, Over speculation of Western land and Rail road stocks caused what?
What state called for the South's First Secession Convention?
What was the last attempt to compromise?
Who was the first president of the Confederate States of America?
Who would have the home field advantage during the war?
The Wilmot Proviso supported what party?
Who dismembered 5 proslavers in the Pottawatomie Massacre
What led to violence in the U.S Congress?
Who was considered the 'Father of Popular Sovereignty'?
Who annexed Texas as a slave state?
Who led the Yanquis Army?

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