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What abolitionist wrote a speech that combined abolitionism with women's rights?
What was the name of Sojourner Truth's speech?
Who wept after reading the most effective piece of anti-slavery propaganda?
Who earned condemnation in the South and accolades in the North
What society sought to return free slaves back to Africa?
Slave owners were upset over what?
What caused the North to cry against slavery?
Who was recruited by Northern abolitionist to fight for freedom?
What is the name of the most effective piece of anti-slavery propaganda?
What compromise allowed for Northerners that helped slaves escape be punished?
Garrison was beaten by 'Broad Cloth' Mobs.Who else was also terrorized by them?
J.C Calhoun and Daniel Webster died before the final compromise vote. Who else died along with them allowing for the countdown for the Civil War to begin?
Who was upset over Webster's 7th of March Speech?
What state's admission disrupted sectional balance?
Fredrick Douglass wrote what?
Hinton Rowan Helper wrote what book?
250,000 free slaves lived in the North near what city?
Who signed the Compromise that declared California a free state?
Who helped slaves escape with the Underground Railroad?
Who warned that 'There is no such thing as a peaceful secession'?

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