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NINETY THREE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (Type '93? R U KIDDING ME?') By the way, just type the letter for your answers.
Which of these was the first true leader of all Mongols? a. Ms. Newman b. Genghis Khan c. Marco Polo d. Esugei from 'Mongol'
Which of these was an Aztec goddess? a. Coatlicue b. Temujin c. Lady Xoc d. Tenochtitlan
Which woman once led the French Army? a. Lady Xoc b. Fatima c. Joan of Arc d. Madame Appel
During which dynasty were the Terracotta Warriors built? a. Gupta Dynasty b. Song Dynasty c. Tang Dynasty d. Qin Dynasty
Which lasted for the longest period of time? a. Hundred Years' War b. Babylonian Captivity c. Qin Dynasty d. The 2015-16 school year
What year did Mohammed flee to Medina? a. 621 b. 622 c. 606 d. 1453
Fatima was: a. Some fat person named Ima b. Genghis Khan's 572nd wife c. Mohammed's daughter and only surviving child d. Jesus of Nazareth's mother
The bubonic plague originated in this region: a. The restroom via toilet paper b. East Asia via the Silk Road c. North America via Native Americans d. Africa via the black mamba
Which of these most closely means 'soldier'? a. Ninja b. Daimyo c. Shogun d. Samurai
This man from Venice traveled the Silk Road and was a royal guest in China: a. Marco Polo b. Augustus c. Confucius d. Shih Huang-di
This man circumnavigated the globe: a. Christopher Columbus b. Martin Luther c. Francesco Petrarch d. Ferdinand Magellan
Which man wrote the 95 Theses: a. Leonardo da Vinci b. John Calvin c. Martin Luther d. Sir Thomas More
Which of these words best describes a religion-based government: a. Republic b. Theocracy c. Fascism d. Shinto
The Qin Dynasty lasted from: a. 221-206 BCE b. 622 c. 750-1258 d. 618-907 CE
Which of the folowing was a Chinese philosophy/religion? a. Shinto b. Christianity c. Confucianism d. Canada
Which of these men painted the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel? a. Michelangelo b. Leonardo da Vinci c. Genghis Khan d. Niccolo Machiavelli
Which pope ordered the first Crusade? a. Pope Urban b. Pope Innocent c. John Cena d. Pope Francis
Which of the following met and killed Aztecs upon arriving in the New World? a. Hernan Cortes b. Ferdinand Magellan c. Christopher Colombus d. Moctezumah
Which of the following is the first pillar of Islam? a. You may kill in revenge. b. You must fast on Ramadan. c. There is one god, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. d. Not above
Which of these was an Incan mountain retreat home? a. Coatlicue b. Chichen Itza c. Ziggurat of Ur d. Machu Picchu
Which religion was the Delhi Sultanate of? a. Buddhism b. Zoroastrianism c. Islam d. Hinduism
What part of the Qu'ran means 'stuggle or strive'? a. Jihad b. Hajj c. Medina d. Emirate
What do we call the period when the Islamic empire stopped syncretizing? a. Jihad b. Closing of the Gates c. Hajj d. Hammer Time
Which of these was not a Song Dynasty invention? a. Abacus b. Moveable wooden type/printing c. Magnetic compass d. Gunpowder
What type of government implies absolute rule? a. Constitutianalism b. Absolutism c. Communism d. Buddhism
In what year did Columbus land in the New World? a. 1453 b. 1392 c. 1492 d. 1501
Name the Primary Source: 'Harmony is to be valued, and an avoidance of wanton opposition to be honored.' a. Shotoku's Constitution b. Hagakure c. Louis XIV's letter d. Magna Carta
Why did James I take power after Elizabeth I? a. He killed her. b. She had no heir although not a virgin. c. She fled. d. She had no heir, as she was a virgin.
Name the Primary Source: 'All warfare is based on deception...' a. Hagakure b. Bhagavad-Gita c. Sun Tzu's Art of War d. Louis XIV's Letter to His Son
What percentage of Europe died because of the Black Death? a. 25-33% b. 34-50% c. 51-66% d. 67-93%
Which Dynasty blended Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism? a. Han b. Qin c. Tang d. Yuan
Versailles was the palace of which man? a. Elizabeth I b. Hernan Cortes c. Henry VIII d. Louis XIV
What was the Three Estates? a. French class system b. Three big houses c. Encomienda d. Layout of the French Army
Which of these religions was native to Japan? a. Shinto b. Shotoku c. Daoism d. Shinkansen
Which of the following was the king of the Aztecs? a. Teotihuacan b. Hernan Cortes c. Sacagawea d. Moctezuma
What year did Cortes conquer the Aztecs? a. 1541 b. 1492 c. 1512 d. 1521
Which religion favored strict laws and harsh consequences? a. Confucianism b. Legalism c. Daoism d. Buddhism
Define bourgeoisie: a. upper-middle class b. lower-middle class c. lower class d. nobility
Which of these was Shih Huang-di not responsible for? a. Tomb/Terracotta Warriors b. Water wheel c. Standardized money d. Great Wall
In what dynasty was the magnetic compass invented? a. Tang b. Han c. Song d. Yuan
Which happened in a shogunate? a. Families/clans fought for power b. The emperor become symbolic head of state/religion c. Military, civic leader=actual leader d. All of the above
Which of these was created in the Renaissance? a. Bhagavad-Gita b. Tang art c. Leonardo Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' d. Ms. Newman's self portrait
Which was a shogunate? a. Heian b. Yamato c. Ashikaga d. Nara
What was the Great Schism? a. There were multiple popes - who to trust? b. War within Church c. Physical ravine d. One pope with no power
When was the Black Death? a. 1400's b. 1340's c. 1350's d. 1453
What was the Act of Supremacy? a. Henry got Parliament to declare him head of church b. The church declared absolute rule c. Louis XIV declared absolute rule d. None of the above
What were the daimyo? a. emperor b. nobles c. soldiers d. spies
Which of these was remission of sins? a. Crusade b. Indulgences c. Absolutism d. Renaissance
When was the Aztec civilization? a. 1300-1520 b. 1100-1532 c. 750-1258 d. 1300-1519
When did Martin Luther write the 95 Theses? a. 1521 b. 1492 c. 1517 d. 1693
When was the Renaissance? a. 1500-1739 b. Late 14th-mid 16th centuries c. 1700's d. 12th-15th Century
Name the Primary Source: 'The Way of the Samurai is found in death.' a. Sun Tzu's Art of War b. Kenta Maeda's Way of the Samurai c. Hagakure d. Prince Shotoku's Constitution
Chinese emperors felt the spirits wanted them to be in order: this is called... a. Mandate of Heaven b. Pax Mongolica c. Max Pongolica d. Closing of the Gates
When were the Mongol invasions? a. 12th-13th centuries b. 1100-1534 c. 12th Century d. 1300-1519
Which government was a Meritocracy? a. Tang b. Han c. Louis XIV's French d. a and b
When was the Delhi Sultanate? a. 12th-15th centuries b. 11th-14th centuries c. 1300-1600 d. 500 BCE-1200
Which of these civilizations created the largest empire in pre-modern history? a. Soviet Union b. Mongols c. Assyrians d. Abbasid Dynasty
When did shogunates start in Japan? a. 10th Century b. 11th Century c. 12th Century d. 13th Century
Who was Ali (in the context of the beginning stages of Islam)? a. The greatest boxer of all time (RIP) b. The husband of Fatima c. The founder of Islam d. The Islamic god
|Who ran the Inquisition? a. Franciscans b. Dominicans c. Cubans d. Benedictines
Name the Primary Source: 'A race from the kingdom of the Persians...has invaded the lands of...Christians' a. First Crusade ones b. Hagakure c. Bill of Rights d. Pact of Umar
What happened during the Reformation? a. Sir Thomas More wrote 'Utopia' b. Students rebelled against Ms. Newman c. People challenged the Church d. There was an interest in Classics
Which of these is the Islamic sacred scripture? a. Qu'ran b. Bhagavad-Gita c. Vedas d. Torah
Where can you find Buddhist images? a. Taj Mahal b. Ajanta caves c. House of Wisdom d. An Encomienda Estate
In what century did towns begin to revive in Europe? a. 10th b. 11th c. 12th d. 13th
Which, specifically, was a time of peace in Mongolia? a. Yuan Dynasty b. Everything before 1206 c. 1206-1279 d. Pax Mongolica
When was the Tang Dynasty? a. 7th-10th Centuries b. 700-1000 c. 400 BCE-100 d. June 6, 2016
Which is not true of the Gupta Dynasty? a. Last Indian-led unification until 1900s b. Hindu culture over Buddhism c. Hinduism went to Southeast Asia d. Angkor Wat was built
Which of these civilizations focused most on learning? a. Olmec b. Inca c. Aztec d. Maya
Which of these civilizations had a jaguar-man as a god? a. Olmec b. Inca c. Aztec d. Maya
Which of these civilizations was most militaristic? a. Olmec b. Inca c. Aztec d. Maya
Which of these civilizations believed their kings were divine? a. Olmec b. Inca c. Aztec d. Maya
What was the New World's version of feudalism? a. Encomienda b. Olmec c. Confucianism d. Shogunate
What does 'Islam' mean? a. Submission to God b. Pilgrimage to Mecca c. Struggle or strive d. The Recitation
Which group of Muslims supported Abu Bakr as the leader? a. Sunni b. Shi'ite c. Shiiiit d. Sunny
Which group of Muslims supported Ali as the leader? a. Sunni b. Shi'ite c. Shiiiiit d. Sunny
Which of the following best describes the idea that humans can improve their world? a. secularism b. theocracy c. mercantilism d. humanism
During what time period did Leonardo Da Vinci live? a. Middle Ages b. Abbasid Dynasty c. Reformation d. Renaissance
Which best describes the trading of goods and services between European countries and their colonies in the New World? a. Encomienda b. Mercantilism c. NAFTA d. Monopolies
What was the Columbian Exchange? a. When they monopolized things b. When the Aztecs and Spanish syncretized c. The trading of ideas between Europe and the New World d. Silk Road
Which didn't result from the Reformation in Protestant countries? a. Less class division b. Higher literacy rates (less Latin) c. Focus on individual moral responsibility d. None
Who wrote 'The Plague in Florence'? a. Niccolo Machiavelli b. Leonardo da Vinci c. Francesco Petrarch d. Giovanni Boccaccio
Who was the English Civil War between? a. King and Scots b. English and the Scots c. English and the Irish d. King and Parliament
What is a serf? a. leader b. priest c. farmer d. servant
Who invented algebra? a. Spaniards b. Aztecs c. Mayans d. Muslims
Who invented the astrolabe (a device used to relate position of sun and other stars) a. Indians b. Spanish c. Maya d. Muslims
Which country was the Magna Carta from? a. Italy b. Spain c. France d. England
When was the Abbasid dynasty? a. 221-206 BCE b. 1100-1534 c. 661-750 d. 750-1258
Which didn't happen in the 1450's? a. Constantinople falls to Ottomans b. Printing press invented (Europe) c. 100 Years' War ends d. Columbus lands in New World
What is a lord? a. servant b. priest c. landowner d. ruler
Which was not a type of European monk? a. Franciscan b. Benedictine c. Dominican d. Conquistadorian
What year did the First Crusade begin? a. 1095 b. 1094 c. 1191 d. 1096
What is a vassal? a. priest b. ruler c. servant d. landowner

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