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What is Sheldon's iQ?
When Paintballing, which science does Sheldon insult?
Raj has a PhD is what field?
What is Amy dressed as in the second episode of Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags
Who writes The Big Bang Theory?
What does Sheldon tell us is the nearest star in his song 'The Stars Nearest To Me'?
What is the name of Leonard's Mother?
Who does Raj bump in to while drinking alone at The Cheesecake Factory in Season 2?
Who runs the Comic Book Store?
Where did Howard and Bernadette get married?
Why does Sheldon phone Penny while on the train to San Francisco?
What is the name of the University?
What is Sheldon's record with the Hacky-Sack?
Why does Sheldon miss out on meeting Stan Lee at the Comic Book Store?
Who wrote and performed the theme song?
What does Howard say he is here to fix when they go to the house of America's Next Top Models?
Leonard stands at 5' 4', who also stands at this height?
A poster of what video game is situated to the right of Howard's bed?
What does Sheldon argue about with visiting astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson?
For what product does Penny star in an advert for in Series 5?
What does Howard call the cricket they find in the apartment?
Name the deaf girl that Raj dates.
Raj's parents promise to buy him what if he dates an Indian girl?
Which star of Terminator do they meet on the train to San Francisco?
What does Sheldon do when he meets Stephen Hawking?
What is Raj's middle name?
What stands outside the elevator door on the second floor?
To meet Stephen Hawking, Howard makes Sheldon walk through the Cafeteria dressed as what?
Finish Howard's chat up line that he tries to use on the train... 'Its hot in here...'
What channel features the show in the UK?

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