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Can you name the facts about television series, Friends?

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Where does Pete take Monica on their first date?
Where does Chandler hide when he freaks out about getting married?
What animal does Phoebe think her mother has be reincarnated as?
What does Phoebe tell Rachel is wrong with the plane to make her get off of her flight to Paris?
What is Joey holding when he thinks his stalker is trying to break in?
Which of Joey's sisters does Chandler kiss, but can't remember?
What does Monica have to create in order for Joey to go for an audition?
What is the name of the new neighbour that Rachel and Monica fogged?
Who do Chandler and Joey leave on the bus?
What is the name of the Singer/Guitarist who takes Phoebe's place in Central Perk?
Rachel is originally from what part on New York City?
Why did Rachel's Dad by her a boat?
Who is going to buy the house next to Chandler and Monica in Season 10?
How many episodes of Friends are there?
What does Phoebe legally change her name to?
What is the name of Ross and Monica's cousin who comes to stay, that several Friends can't stop staring at?
What store do Ross and Rachel love, but Phoebe hates?
What does Joey have on his head when he makes his return to Days Of Our Lives?
What is Ross's middle name?
When Rachel attempts to make a trifle, who does Joey blame for the pages of the cook book being stuck together?
What is the occupation of Roy Goodbody?
What does Phoebe say that Ross is to Rachel? 'He's her...'
When Rachel's Dad says his boat has 'Boat Cancer', what does Ross say also had this?
What are Joey and Tag playing with on Monica's 30th birthday?
What colour are the shelves in Monica and Rachel's kitchen?
Name the girl with the wooden leg, that Chandler and Joey both date?
Who kisses Chandler's mum?
Where does the cheesecakes come from that Rachel and Chandler get addicted to?
What dance do the Friends make Monica do when she is working at the diner?
What does Joey name his reclining chair?

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