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QUIZ: Can you name the Maps in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

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TF 141 Vs. OpFor
A large desert level. The level has a large crashed cargo airplane in the center with a cave system in the mountain next to it, along with a large hill. Across from the cave system in a man made concrete bunker and a poppy field. 
A small, fairly open oil derrick in the middle of the desert. Lots of open ground with some cover and a tower in the center. 
An airplane scrapyard, based on the campaign level The Enemy Of My Enemy. 
TF 141 Vs. Spetsnaz
A train yard surrounded by a forest in the snow. 
Wooded level surrounding an estate and nearby powerstation. The level is sloped downward with the estate at the top. 
An open grassy level taking place near the Chernoybl Nuclear reactors, clearly visible in the background. There is nothing but open cover except for a bunker in the center of the map accessible from either side. 
TF 141 Vs. Militia
A shanty town level based off of the slums of Rio de Janerio . The level has a slope throughout the map, along with several story buildings most of which are rooftop accessible. 
A large level taking place in a rock excavation site. There several buildings and water takes surrounding a two-story central structure accessible from a cat walk or ground level. 
A rural town separated in two by a ravine crossed by several bridges. 
In the rain under the remains of an underpass. Mostly long range fighting to close range fighting (sniping and sniper-hunting). 
Rangers Vs. OpFor
A middle eastern town with a diner, bank, and garage. Lots of street to street fighting. 
Rangers Vs. Spetsnaz
A level taking place on the rooftop of an unfinished constrution site. There are two office buildings on each side with a below level tunnel leading to each base. There are heli-pads, cranes, and other smaller structures accessible to the player. 
A series of apartments, stores, and diners in a small, abandoned town (presumably in Russia). Lots of straight-up firefights as well as some elements of long-range combat such as multi-level buildings. 
An airplane terminal, based off of the Single Player level No Russian. 
SEALs Vs. OpFor
Large, compact city located in Karachi, Pakistan with mostly mid-range combat. 
SEALs Vs. Spetsnaz
A snowy submarine base with office buildings, barracks, hangars, and docks located in Russia, based off of the Campaign level Contingency. 

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