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What's the name of Artie Bucco's restaurant?
What's the name of Livia Soprano's retirement community?
What's the name of the actor that Tony idealizes?
What are the lyrics that Chris quotes when he arrives late to a meeting with Tony?
What's the name of the restaurant in the last scene of the series?
What's the name of Dr. Melfi's therapist?
What's the name of Tony's boat?
What's the name of the bar that Chris gives to Adrianna?
What did Pussy get arrested for?
What's the name of Tony's horse?
What certification does Tony B try to get when he gets out of jail?
What actor does Chris try to get for Cleaver?
What actor does Chris get for Cleaver?
What drug does Tony use in Las Vegas?
What historical leader does Paulie dress Tony up as in the painting?
What do AJ's friends at college claim to majoring and minoring in?
What two ethnicities are Meadow's first boyfriend in college?
What is Vito's lover in New Hampshire's job?
In what city does Bobby do his first hit?
What's the name of the guy that Tony curbstomps in a restaurant?
What's the name of Jonny Sack's wife?
Who is actually on TV when Junior thinks he sees himself?
What brand of car does AJ get after his SUV blows up?
In Tony's dream what animal talks with Pussy's voice?
Who does Tony think is a rat before he finds out it is Pussy?
What is the name of Tony's alter ego during his coma dreams?
What ethniciity is Blanca?
What is the name of the priest that Carmela is friends with?
What company is Julianna working for when she tries to buy the egg store from Tony?
What is the Italian woman who lives at the neighbors in Tony's dream studying?
What was Furio's job in Italy?
What is Tony's gift for his father in law and his birthday party?
What NFL team did Tony regret not betting more on?
In what object does the FBI place the wire in Tony's house?
What is the name of the last episode of the series?

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