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What kind of animal is Jon Arbuckle's pet Garfield?
Which planet has a moon named Titan?
Since 1940, Jay Garrick has been what red super-speedy DC hero?
What science TV show was originally hosted by Carl Sagan and now by Neil deGrasse Tyson?
What unit is made up of 4 quarts?
What was Little Miss Muffet eating?
What musical group features Bono and The Edge?
Which 'French-speaking' muppet has a thing for Kermit?
Which winter Olympic sport features a person face down on a sled?
What holiday is the day before All Saint's Day?
What singer of 'Dark Horse' and 'Hot and Cold' was married to Russell Brand?
How many lines are there in a limerick?
Which Shakepearean play features Iago, Desdemona and the title Moor of Venice?
What color is the 1 ball in billiards or pool?
What series of books by Stephenie Meyer features vampires that sparkle?
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What element has the symbol Fe?
What dish accompanies ham in a Dr. Seuss title?
What is the capital of Canada?
Other than Jerusalem and Medina, what is the 3rd of the holy cities of Islam?
What country has a white flag with a red circle in the center?
What actress starred in 'Winter's Bone,' 'Hunger Games,' and 'Silver Linings Playbook'?
What landlocked country borders both Chile and Brazil?
What Toronto-based CFL team is named for the heroes who accompanied Jason?
What 19th century US President served two non-consecutive terms?
What space do all Monopoly games begin on?
Which language do 42% of people in India speak?
What is the patella bone more commonly known as?
Who briefly replaced Jay Leno as the host of the Tonight Show, before having his own show on TBS?
What fruit is an anagram of 'among'?
Which Princess pal of Mario has a fruity name?
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