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QUIZ: Can you name the things with their consonants removed?

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Disney Movies
O IE A E EE A (4,5,3,3,5,6) 
AAIA (8) 
OI OO (5,4) 
E IO I (3,4,4) 
OAOA (10) 
Capital Cities
EOU (5) 
UAA UU (5,6) 
OE (4) 
OO (5) 
SI Base Units
AEA (7) 
EO (6) 
IOA (8) 
AEE (6) 
OE (4) 
Current Premier League Teams
EEA (7) 
AEE UIE (10,6) 
AOO (9) 
EEO (7) 
EAE UIE (9,6) 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees
AEA AI (6,8) 
E EAE (3,7) 
E II EI EEIEE (3,4,7,10) 
AAE A A E UIOU IE (11,5,3,3,7,4) 
EEOO A (9,3) 
Books of the Bible
O (3) 
EEIAE (12) 
EUEOO (11) 
EEAIO (10) 
AE (5) 
IO E AO (5,2,4) 
AAA A (6,3) 
IEEEE A (12,3) 
IA EE (9,3) 
EOIA A (8,3) 
Best Selling Novels (30 million copies)
A E EE EE OE (3,4,5,4,4) 
E O O E I (3,4,2,3,5) 
E AE O EE AI (3,4,2,5,6) 
O I A OII (2,4,1,11) 
E A II OE (3,2,5,4) 
Super Smash Bros Characters
AIO (2,5) 
I EEE (4,6) 
OEO AIE (7,7) 
AAI AO (7,6) 
UII (5) 

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