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Can you name the List as many FNAF Characters as you can (Fangame too!)?

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InfoFnaf Character
lead singer
pirate fox
broken bear
faceless bonnie
handless chicken
twitchy fox
wired golden bear
remake of bear
remake of bunny
remake of chicken
form of toy chicken when moves around
makes static, recommended Toy Foxy
Music Box
extremely annoying!!
extremely annoying's girlfriend
chica's treat
rarely appears in Parts/Service
rarely appears in Office
toy chica's cupcake
rare only in phones
FNAF 1 Night Guard
FnAF 2 Night Guard
FnAf 2 Night Guard Custom Night
also backup singer
burnt bear
burnt chicken
burnt fox
burnt girl fox
burnt marionette
burnt balloon selling boy
Sends you messages
nightmare bear
nightmare bunny
InfoFnaf Character
nightmare chicken
nightmare chicken's treat
halloween chicken's treat
nightmare fox
nightmare beginner bear
plush of springtrap
black beginner bear
halloween bunny
halloween chicken
nightmare girl fox
nightmare balloon selling boy
nightmare puppet
Stays in your bed in FNAF 4
Get ready for a surprise!
isn't it surprising I'm in Parts/SErvice?
Obviously looks like Mangle
Gives iff that Danger alert
Baby's Babies
Minireena in Real SL
MInireena in Custom Night
Ennard with no mask
Ennard with the mask, just plain normal........
FunTime Freddy's Bonnie hand puppet
Like Bon-Bon
Freddy's Insides
Foxy's Insides
Plushtrap's Insides, in FnAF World
Like Endoskeleton
Flashing eyed BIdybab
Still Handless I think
Althrough the creepiest Final NIghts 3 CHaracter
He appears in the Final Nights menu
'Do you really wanna die?'
A reaper Spring?
Withered+Reaper Puppet+Nightmare Mangle
InfoFnaf Character
Like Old Freddy
Like Old Bonnie
Like Old chica
Like Old Foxy
-----'s Burgers and Fries
OMG, is like chica!
Springtrap with clay?
A wonderful flightless bird in FNAC
Like Toy Freddy a remake
Like Toy Chica a remake
Withered #84
Withered #85
Withered #81
Withered #83
Withered #82
FnAc 3 Leader
Rhymes with Rat
Violet Rat (More like Violent Rat)
He juggles his head in FnAC 3
Beginner Bear
Beginner Bunny
Withered Beginner Bunny
New Remake of Golden Bear
New Remake of Beginner Bear
FNAF Song, It's Bee So Long, Die in a Fire, and I Got No Time
Five Long Nights, Five More Nights, We Dont' Bite and Another Five Nights
Break, break, break my mind, you just made me left behind
Bonnie Song, Foxy Song, Chica Song, and Mr. Fazbear
Noticed and Survive the Night
It's Me, Circus of the Dead, Look at Me Now, and
The Creator
Baby with a crab claw?!
Mangle+Nightmare Freddy= Ugly results
Toy Freddy, with a black eye!
Handless, springblock dude in FNAF 3,5,6

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