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What is electromagnetic radiation?
Wavelength is expressed in..?
Quantum is the (Minimum/Maximum) amount of energy lost by an electron?
Electron configuration for Tin.
Electron configuration for Samarium.
Electron configuration for Bismuth.
Electron configuration for Sulfur.
Electron configuration for Scandium.
[Ar] 4s1
[Kr] 5s2 4d10
[Ar] 4s2 3d4
[Rn] 7s2 6d4 7f14
[Xe] 6s2 5d6 6f14
What is a base unit?
Equation for density.
What is Scientific notation?
Scientific notation: Solve (3*10⁵)-(3*10³)
Scientific notation: Solve (4*10⁶)+2*10⁵)
Periodic law is...?
What group are the alkaline earth metals in?
How are metalloids described as?
What is ionizing energy defined as?
State the Octet Rule.
What is an ion?
Is silver a metal, metalloid or non-metal?
What are the 3 states of matter?
What is a mixture?
what is a solution?
What is the difference between a mixture and a solution?
what is a compound?
Define Atoms.
Define Electrons.
Define Protons.
Define Neutrons.
What is Mass Number?
What is Atomic Orbital?
The atomic spectrum is used as a _for an element.
Energy is ___?
What is a mass less particle that carries a quantum of energy?
What is the lowest allowable energy state of an atom is called?
Are positive ions on the right or left of the table?
Is neon a noble gas?
what group are the halogens in?
what are the four the block names?
Is it possible to remove additional electrons after removing the first?

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