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Can you name the Pokemon Names with Strange Hints? These are extremely difficult, so if you dont understand one, ask me in the comments!

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You left your dog Ann at home (Gen 5)
The ground has a theory (Gen 6)
A chime played for the winner (Gen 1)
Water Lion Constellation (Gen 3)
A raven covered in mud (Gen 4)
A long era of window blinds (Gen 4)
An ocean of happiness (Gen 2)
Homer Simpson groans in a swamp (Gen 7)
Rodent using a hunting weapon in a pyramid (Gen 4)
A volcanic mole like creature (Gen 5)
Lower Legs deny small arachnids (Gen 7)
Speak to tree goo with your former girlfriend (Gen 7)
Gross Hatchet (Gen 5)
Floating away Arms and Legs (Gen 4)
A laced cloth that you despise (Gen 3)
Darn it! Meeny Minie Moe! (Gen 1)
A base that is not off (Gen 3)
Pulling Seaweed (Gen 6)
The Middle of your leg's self esteem on a small mountain (Gen 7)
Orange Soda Umpire (Gen 6)

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