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Can you name the Citizens of Skyloft?

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Link's female best friend
Link's Rival who helps during an Imprisoned Fight
Headmaster of the Knight Academy
Link's friend who runs the Pumpkin minigame
A senior at the Knight Academy who wears yellow
A female senior at the Knight Academy
The White haired instructor at the Knight Academy
Groose's short, blue haired lackey
Groose's tall, bug obsessed lackey
The Brown haired instructor and caretaker of Mia
Knight Commander who loves Pumpkin Soup
Mother of the child in the Lost Child Quest
Gaepora's Remlit
The daughter who was thought to be kidnapped by a demon
Owner of the Item Check
Owner of the Bamboo Cutting Game
Girl who's bird got hurt and you have to help her
Brother of the answer to #18
Airborne shopkeeper
A demon who wants to be human
Owner of the Potion Infusion Shop
Grandfather of a Rescue Knight
A man who is always at the bazaar
Mother of the Gear Merchant
The mother of the man who fixes your shields
A boy who loves bug nets
Chef at the Knight Academy
Husband of Wryna
Owner of the Potion Shop
Mother of the answer to #6
A woman who cooks soup at the bazaar
Gear Merchant at the Bazaar
Fortune Teller at the Bazaar

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