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Definition or QuestionTerm
Organizational environments where individuals feel secure to seek good solutions
A job with a lot of personal contact that requires one to produce specific emotional states like pleasure or self-esteem requires
Intent to harm either specific individuals or the organizations, manifested in demeaning behavior and the violations of socially acceptable signs of repsect
Integration is seen as assertive and cooperative whereas neglect is not. (True or False?)
The results of the complex interactions of a conflict episode
Definition or QuestionTerm
Reporting unethical behavior to authorities who have the power to deal with the issue on some level
Putnam and Kolb's alternative model to exchange, based on every party's mutual inquiry about an issue
Situation in which an individual's behavior offends the sexual morals of another, or creates employment conditions based on sexual relationships
Sacrifice of personal goals to maintain relationships
A balance between people and task concerns during conflict
Definition or QuestionTerm
Cognitive, psychological, and behavioral are Tricia Jones's three components of ____
Information distortion, strategic ambiguity, and lying are all forms of
Wearing out from the pressures of a situation is called ______
A structured form of negotiation with the presentation of specific proposals to achieve a working agreement on an issue is called _____
Covert action and open aggression are both behaviors which occur in the latent conflict stage of a conflict episode. (True or False?)

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