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QuestionCh. 9 Term
What are behavioral differences for handling conflict?
What are underlying conditions in organizations and individual relationships that may lead to or result in conflict?
What is a conflict management style involving unlikeliness to pursue one's own goals and needs during conflict?
Groups who have the tendency to ignore better judgment by quickly adopting proposed solutions before necessary reflection are practicing
QuestionCh. 9 Term
This kind of negotiation requires an outsider to mediate conflict
Conflict episodes can occur in intrapersonal, interpersonal, small-group, organizational-wide, and organization to environment contexts. True or False?
This is the 2nd step of a conflict episode
Discrimination is strictly a legal issue in the workplace. True or False?
QuestionCh. 9 Term
_____ works as an approach to conflict management because it is an attempt to minimize each party's losses while trying to establish some gains.
A domination strategy or approach to conflict can also be described as ____

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