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This occurs when an individual competencies match organizational competencies and the individual becomes a working member of the organization
This is a barrier to change that occurs when organizational members and groups prefer the status quo
Accommodative approaches to conflict management are also known as
Publics have interests and needs relative to a particular organization whereas _____ have both an interest in an organization and the ability to influence the organization's abilit
Strategy that involves marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. all communicating a consistent message to the public.
An organizational change process affirming the best qualities of the organization or its employees through discovery, dream, design, or destiny
Careers in this division of an organization have the responsibilities of planning, coordinating, supervising, and controlling many of the activities of the organization.
The emotional impact the perception of conflict has on potential conflict participants is called ______
Active ______ uses overt attempts at blocking change where as passive ________ uses covert attempts to block change
Partners or alliances across groups and organizations to leverage the best possible resources for a given project.
The process of developing product or service naming and identity statements that distinguish products or services from competitor products or services.
Any organizational setting in which there are two or more competing responses to a single event or circumstance.

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