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King of The Belgians 1934-1951
Generalissimo of all Chinese forces
Chinese Communist Leader
Czech President in exile
King of Egypt
Emperor of Ethiopia
Leader of the French Free Forces
Vichy France Foreign Minister
The Butcher of Lyon
Highest Ranking Nazi Party Administrator
Hitler's Mistress
Rocket Scientist
Wall Street banker with Brown Brothers Harriman, Nazi Sympathizer
He was largely responsible for the logistics of the extermination of millions of people
Propaganda Chief for the Nazis
Commander of the Luftwaffe
Hitler's deputy
Head of the Gestapo
F├╝hrer of Germany
Nazi General
Doctor who performed experimental surgery in Auschwitz
The Desert Fox
famous for his efforts to save his Jewish workers from the Holocaust.
Il Duce
Japanese Emperor
Japanese Prime Minister
Japanese General and Military Prime Minister
Genocide Victim and Diarist
Portuguese Prime Minister and Fascist Dictator
He presided over the fascist authoritarian dictatorial government of the Spanish State following victory in the Spanish Civil War.
Leader of the Soviet Union
British Prime Minister at the start of the war
British Prime Minister from 1940
British Field Marshall
US General
US Commander of famous air raid
refugee and Scientist
Commander of Allied Forces
Vice Admiral of the Pacific
First US Pilot to fly across the Atlantic/Nazi Sympathizer
Us Assistant Secretary of State whose strict immigration controls kept the St. Louis out
US General in the Pacific
Army Chief of Staff
America's most decorated soldier
US Admiral
Physicist in the Manhattan Project
US Tank General
war Correspondent
US President
US President from 1945

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