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Yes, but you're a surrealist! I'm a normal guy!
I wonder if she actually had an orgasm in the two years we were married, or did she fake it that night?
I'll go to your room, but you'll have to seduce me.
It's crazy. The town is jammed. I don't know, is the Pope in town, or some other show business figure?
And Nietzsche, with his theory of eternal recurrence. He said that the life we lived we're gonna live over again the exact same way for eternity. Great. That means I'll have to sit
That's the trouble with you leftos. You have this thing about money.
I had no idea a Republican could be that sexy.
He is always very depressed. I think that if he'd been a successful criminal, he would have felt better. You know, he never made the 'ten most wanted' list. It's very unfair voting
You have a nice personality and you know sweaters.
I have an interesting case. I'm treating two sets of Siamese twins with split personalities. I'm getting paid by eight people.
I can't even make a leap of faith to believe in my own existence
I'd call him a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse.
You only live once, and once is enough if you play your cards right.
Here, taste my tuna casserole and tell if I put in too much hot fudge.
I'm 50 years old. I'm a partner in a big law firm. You know I'm very successful, and I still haven't resolved my relationship with my mother.
I just met a wonderful new man. He's fictional but you can't have everything.
There was a moment there when I stroked when I should have hickeyed.
I'm what you would call a teleological, existential atheist. I believe that there's an intelligence to the universe, with the exception of certain parts of New Jersey.
I can't have sex with you! My body belongs to my husband and there is no way that I could betray him in that way. But what I do from the neck up is a different story.
D'you like that? I knew you would. They say I'm a wonderful lover.
: It's a match made in heaven... by a retarded angel.
It's very important to be guilty. I'm guilty all the time and I never did anything.
Don't you know you have to sing happy birthday twice to get the germs off?
Let me tell you, I am of the Hebrew persuasion, but that guy who handles you is a member of one of the lost tribes of Israel that should have remained lost.
My wife, the creature that ate Europe, is here.
She's perky all right. She makes you want to sneak up behind her with a pillow and suffocate her
Sophocles said, 'To never have been born may be the greatest boon of all.'
Would you recommend this film to a friend? Not unless I was friendly with Hitler...
Like the poet said: 'The only ship certain to come in has black sails.'
The Richmonds are flooded, electricity's gone off. God is testing us and I for one am gonna be prepared. Where's the vodka?
Well I wanna be the real thing! and you better wise up coz if grow and you stay as stupid as you are we're gonna have big problems Ray!
The defendant did commit an adulterous act with a sheep - most distasteful in view of the fact that the sheep was under 18 years old.
Last time I was inside a woman was when I visited the Statue of Liberty.
I'm supposed to do everything for the colony. What about my needs?
The two most important things are the work that you choose and sex.
Of course there was Old Greggor and his son Young Greggor. Oddly enough, Young Greggor's son was older than Old Greggor. Nobody could figure out how that happened.
I think people should mate for life, like pigeons or Catholics.
Achilles only had an Achilles heel, I have an entire Achilles body.
Don't defend your sex! It's true! You're great 'til you start to show your age - then they want a newer model.
You can't shoot me! I have a very low threshold of death. My doctor says I can't have bullets enter my body at any time.
I wondered if a memory is something you have or something you've lost.
I don't want to move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light
For some miraculous reason, it's a wonderful feeling having a teacher you've seen dance naked in front of a mirror.
I think Mrs. Fong is Jewish.
He's a wonderful guy and a terrific doctor. Never lost a patient. Got a couple of them pregnant, but never lost one.
I object, your honor! This trial is a travesty. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.
I was born into the Hebrew persuasion, but when I got older I converted to narcissism
Another life. I just have to shed the old one and try again.

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