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WhyA Duck?
The Brothers were born in _______________
The Mothers' name was
The Eldest Son
His real name
The Second Brother
His Real Name
The Third Brother
His Real Name
The Fourth Brother
His Real Name
The Fifth Brother
His Real Name
Their Uncle Albert was part of what Vaudeville Act?
Their cousin, Mary Livingston married what Comedian?
Their First Broadway Play was
Their First Sound Movie was
Finish the line: '____________________, why a no Chicken'
Famous Songwriter who wrote the soundtrack
The part of the Dowager, in seven of their movies was played by
Their Second Sound Movie was
Groucho's played
Chico Played
Finish the line 'One day I shot an Elephant in my______________'
Famous playwright who wrote the first two movies
Their Third Sound Movie was
WhyA Duck?
Finish the line: 'Love flies out your door as money comes ______________''
What famous comedienne co-stared in this and their next movie
Their Fourth Sound Movie was
Finish the lyric: 'Everyone says,............'
Their fifth Sound Movie was
Groucho played
This took place in what mythical country
What word insulted Groucho in this movie
In 1933, Harpo, while performing in a foreign country, carried secret documents in his pants for the U.S. Government. Name the Country
Sixth Film and the first for MGM was
Finish the line, 'You can't fool me. There ain't no ___________________'
Producer who brought them to MGM
Seventh Film
Groucho's role
Finish the line: Emily, I really am a Horse Doctor, but marry me and I'll never look at another ____________.
Famous Comedienne who co-starred in Room Service
Famous song from 'At the Circus'
Marilyn Monroe had a small role in this movie
Groucho's game show
The show's emcee
What animal gave the money when a guest said the secret word
Broadway show based on their lives
Harpo recreated the mirror scene in this TV show
Harpo's biography
In 1972 Groucho played this venue in a return concert

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