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Can you name the ESPN 50 Greatest Yankees?

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Rightfield.342/714 Home Runs/2213 RBI/HOF
First Base,340/493 Home Runs/1995 RBI/HOF
Centerfield.325/361 Home Runs/1537 RBI/HOF
Centerfield.298/536 Home Runs/1509 RBI/HOF
Pitcher74-55/2.23/1055K/ 560 Saves
Catcher.285/358 Home Runs/1430 RBI/HOF
Shortstop.314/234 Home Runs/1136 RBI
Pitcher236-106/2.75/1956 K/HOF
Pitcher273-225/3.80/1987 K/HOF
Catcher.313/202 Home Runs/1209 RBI/HOF
First Base.307/222 Home Runs/1099 RBI
Catcher.292/113 Home Runs/701 RBI
Third Base.303/613 Home Runs/1813 RBI
Pitcher189-102/3.34/1458 K/ HOF
Right Field.262/563 Home Runs/1702 RBI/HOF
Pitcher170-91/3.29/ 1778 K
Second Base.292/ 178 Home Runs/ 1191 RBI/HOF
Centerfield.297/287 Home Runs/1257 RBI
Shortstop.273/38 Home Runs/563 RBI/HOF
Catcher.275/261 Home Runs/1021 RBI
Rightfield.260/275 Home Runs/850 RBI
Centerfield.325/ 58 Home Runs/ 632 RBI/ HOF
Catcher.267/ 164 Home Runs/ 762 RBI
Pitcher124-107/3.01/1502 K/ 310 Saves/HOF
Rightfield.283/465 Home Runs/1883 RBI/HOF
Third Base,248/ 390 Home Runs/1314 RBI
Rightfield.288/ 281 Home Runs/1269 RBI
Pitcher164-139/2.97/1257 K
Pitcher237-182/3.59/1206 K/ HOF
Second Base.276/54 Home Runs/ 687 RBI
Pitcher109-43/ 2.84/ 514K
Outfield.277/252 Home Runs/1043 RBI
Leftfield .286/189 Home Runs/760 RBI
Rightfield.282/183 Home Runs/795 RBI
Second Base.268/ 253 Home Runs/975 RBI
Pitcher132-66/ 3.72/ 944 K
Outfield.279/297 Home Runs/1115 RBI/HOF
Pitcher166-122/3.21/ 859 K
Rightfield.277/ 164 Home Runs/ 703 RBI
Leftfield.271/160 Home Runs.758 RBI
Pitcher194-126/3.46/ 2668K
Infield .276/112 Home Runs/ 556 RBI
Pitcher99-76/ 2.88/ 873 K/ 238 Saves
Leftfield.309/ 156 Home Runs/1057 RBI
Pitcher270-153/ 3.68/ 2813 K

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