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Burglar-a realtor from Miami, Florida. Former Central Intelligence Agency operative. He was said to have been involved in the Bay of Pigs incident in 1962.June 17, 1972
Burglar-a locksmith from Miami, Florida. He was a refugee from Cuba, following Castro's takeover.June 17, 1972
Burglar-a security co-ordinator for the Republican National Committee and the Committee for the Re-election of the President. he was also a former FBI and CIA agent. He was dismissJune 17, 1972
Burglar-He had CIA connections and was an anti-Castro Cuban exile.June 17, 1972
Burglar-He also had CIA connections and involvement in anti-Castro activities.June 17, 1972
Former attorney general, head of the Nixon reelection campaign, denies any link to the operation.June 19, 1972
His $25,000 cashier's check, apparently earmarked for the Nixon campaign, wound up in the bank account of a Watergate burglar, The Washington Post reports..August 1, 1972
Indicted by Grand Jury- from Washington, counsel to the Finance Committee to Re-elect the President, a former FBI agent, former Treasury official, and former member of the White HoSeptember 15, 1972
Indicted by Grand Jury-from Washington, a former White House consultant and CIA employee. He was a writer of espionage novels and had worked on declassifying the Pentagon Papers.September 15, 1972
It is revealed that he while serving as attorney general, controlled a secret Republican fund used to finance widespread intelligence-gathering operations against the Democrats.September 29, 1972
FBI agents have established that the Watergate bugging incident stemmed from a massive campaign of political spying and sabotage. The best example was the 'Canuck' letter written aOctober 10, 1972
Nixon is reelected, defeating this Senator.November 7, 1972
Convicted of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping in the Watergate incident. January 30, 1973
Convicted of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping in the Watergate incident. January 30, 1973
Chief White House Adviser resigns.April 30, 1973
Chief White House Adviser resignsApril 30, 1973
Attorney General ResignsApril 30, 1973
White House Counsel FiredApril 30, 1973
New Attorney GeneralApril 30, 1973
First Justice Department's special prosecutor for Watergate. May 18, 1973
The Washington Post reports that he told Watergate investigators that he discussed the Watergate cover-up with President Nixon at least 35 timesJune 3, 1973
Watergate prosecutors find a memo addressed to this man describing in detail the plans to burglarize the office of Pentagon Papers defendant's psychiatrist.June 13, 1973
Pentagon Paper's defendantJune 13, 1973
Former presidential appointments secretary, reveals in congressional testimony that since 1971 Nixon had recorded all conversations and telephone calls in his offices.July 13, 1973
Orders taping system discontinuedJuly 18, 1973
Nixon refuses to turn over tapes to this special prosecutorJuly 23, 1973
Attorney General resigns rather then fire special ProsecutorOctober 20, 1973
Deputy Attorney General resigns rather then fire Special ProsecutorOctober 20, 1973
Solicitor General fires Special ProsecutorOctober 20, 1973
Declares 'I am not a crook.'November 17, 1973
The White House can't explain an 18 -minute gap in one of the subpoenaed tapes. Chief of Staff says one theory is that 'some sinister force' erased the segment.December 7, 1973
The White House releases more than 1,200 pages of edited transcripts of the Nixon tapes to the House Judiciary Committee, but the committee insists upon the tapes. The Chairman of April 30 ,1974
The Supreme Court rules unanimously that Nixon must turn over the tape recordings of 64 White House conversations, rejecting the president's claims of executive privilege. DeliveriJuly 24, 1974
House Judiciary Committee passes the first of three articles of impeachment, charging obstruction of justice. The only member of that committee still in the houseJuly 27, 1974
Nixon resigns, he is to be the new PresidentAugust 8, 1974
The Trial Judge
Committee to reelect Bookkeeper and Treasurer
Committee to reelect deputy director
Committee to reelect Finance Director
Washington Post Reporter
Washington Post Reporter
Deep Throat
Nixon's personal secretary
Second Special Prosecutor
Special Counsel to Nixon
Nixon's Chief of Staff
Assistant Attorney General under Mitchell
Counsel to the Committee to reelect
Chairman of the Senate Select Committee to Investigate Campaign Practices
Nixon's First Vice President

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