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Can you name the things beginning with 'J' in the Americas?

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The most populous city in both the state of Florida, named after USA's seventh president.
This city was once established by conquistador Francisco Pizarro as the capital of Spanish Peru, prior to the founding of Lima as the new capital.
Located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, NYC, it is the second most populous city in the U.S. state of New Jersey after Newark.
The highest mountain in Suriname at 1,280 metres located in the Guiana Highlands.
Capital of the state of Paraíba in Brazil, known as the the easternmost city in the Americas at the easternmost cape of Ponta do Seixas..
The largest city in Santa Catarina State, Brazil famous for its strong German-influenced culture.
The third-most populous Anglophone country in the Americas , which was under Spanish rule from the arrival of Columbus until 1655. World famous for Reggae.
A city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua which forms a bi-national metropolitan area on the border with El Paso, Texas.
The capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Mississippi.
Flowing from the Colombian Andes to Brazil, this is the fourth longest tributary of the Amazon
This capital of the State of Missouri is named after USA's third president.
Many of the items attributed to Mexico such as mariachi and tequila originated in this state. Its capital is Guadalajara.
This Brazilian national park is named after the gilded catfish. It is the largest forest reserve in South America, and part of a World Heritage Site.
This is the only place in US where an airport is located inside a national park. It is also the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Wyoming
This city in the former Colony of Virginia was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas.
A province of Argentina located in the extreme northwest of the country, at the borders with Chile and Bolivia
This new york airport is the busiest international air passenger gateway into the United States.
This 'mountain' is the highest point on the island of Aruba.
This national park in southeastern California is named after a tree species native to the park and includes parts of both Colorado and Mojave desert.
This Alaskan city was named after its gold prospector co-founder and has been the capital of Alaska since 1906.

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