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Can you name the things beginning with 'H' in the Americas?

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The main town, harbour and capital of the Chilean province of Easter Island.
This highest mountain in Peru is named after a 16th-century Inca emperor.
The term for a tropical cyclone in the Americas, derived from the name of a Carib/Taino storm god.
This American city is the world's capital of the energy industry, particularly for oil and natural gas, as well as home to NASA's Johnson Space Center.
The capital of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Located in Maui Island, this national park is known for the East Maui Volcano and its crater.
The capital of the country located south of USA over the Strait of Florida led by Raul Castro.
The only entirely archipelagic state of the USA.
Comayagua was the capital of this country until 1880, when it moved to Tegucigalpa.
A large neighborhood in the northern part of Manhattan known for being the centre of African-American culture.
The capital of Connecticut, dubbed as 'The Insurance Capital of the World'.
This Pennsylvanian capital is also known for the Three Mile Island nuclear accident.
The second largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba, shared by two countries.
A neighbourhood in Los Angeles prominent for being the centre of motion picture industry in the US.
In 1600, this Peruvian volcano exploded catastrophically with the largest explosion in South America in historic times which caused unusually cold winters and famine in Russia
The second-largest bay in the world located in northeast Canada bordering Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.
Largest city and capital of USA's 50th state famous for its beachfront such as Waikiki.
The capital and largest city as well as the main economic center for the state of Sonora. Ford with an assembly plant here is a major employer.
One of the five Great Lakes of North America which is connected to Lake Michigan by the Straits of Mackinac
This French-speaking caribbean country is still reeling from the impact of an earthquake in 2010 which was exacerbated by a subsequent cholera outbreak.

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